‘ So you’re suffering with so and so problem, practice so and so yogasana and see the difference’. This is the kind of advice that we usually get from our well wishers who have a little knowledge about yoga.  For a common person like you or me, it is very obvious that the yoga practice is related to some or the other kind of disease.

Wikipedia describes yoga as a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline that was practiced in ancient Indian schools from the pre-vedic times. Besides a detailed information about yoga on this free encyclopedia, you can get an abundance of knowledge  in the myriad of sites on the internet about this small term ‘yoga’.

Many of you may take yoga as only a type of physical exercise that involves twisting and turning, stretching and twirling your body as well as breathing in a very unusual way. But yoga is more than just that. Practicing yoga on a daily basis will help you to live a blissful life. Of course, it is a simple and natural remedy for a variety of problems. Be it diabetes or migraine or arthritis or cardiac ailments or cancer or just about any of the medical conditions you can think about. But, should only a person suffering with diseases practice yoga? The answer is to this is ‘no’. Curing body disorders, is a mere part of this science. Those who start practicing yoga in their daily life, experiences peace, love and happiness throughout their life with an additional benefit of remaining disease free and healthy.

Yoga is the  union of individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or God. It can be called as the tool that is used to establish a connection with that omnipotent energy. We are actually not aware of that infinite potential that each one of us have within our mind and soul. Yoga helps us to reveal that inner strength that power, that each of us beholds. It not only makes us strong physically, but also helps us uncover our mental strength.

You may find a variety of definitions and descriptions about yoga when you search on the net and it might also not be so hard to learn even the most difficult of yoga posture or ‘yogasana’  in a day, but doing it in a correct way with proper technique is not a matter of just a day. It may take weeks or even longer. However, a consistent practice of yoga along with a strong conviction can help attaining the results really quick.

In the further articles you shall be discovering a series of simple, easy yet effective yogasanas,  breathing techniques or pranayama and elementary methods of meditation or dhyana that will create a harmony within yourself and make this journey of life calmer, smoother and fulfilled than ever and you will definitely say ‘Wow! What a beautiful life’.  

I am not a yoga teacher or a yoga guru, but a daily practitioner of yoga and in this article  I have shared my personal views and experiences about it. Please feel free to contribute your perspective in the comments below.