Girish Asotra a 21 year old young man is a fighter. He is suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. But even this disease couldn’t cripple his spirit to live a meaningful life. Though it is difficult for him to lift a heavy book  but he has a dream to become an IAS officer.

Girish belongs to a middle class family. His father was a Government servant. But he took VRS due to his addiction to alcohol. Her mother a LIC employee supports the family. The atmosphere of the family was always full of disturbance. Being an alcoholic his father never supported the family but created nuisance. This was her brave mother who always took bold steps to safeguard the interests of family. She always encouraged him to live a normal life.

His elder brother was also suffering from Muscular Dystrophy. He died at the age of 18.

He joined the Indian Association of Muscular Dystrophy (IAMD). Here he met Miss Sanjana Goel the president of IAMD and Mr. Vipin Kaushal  the vice president of IAMD. They both helped him to gain self confidence. IAMD made an arrangement of physiotherapy doctor for  him and his family to make them able to cope the problems.

Girish passed his matriculation with 70% marks and 12th in commerce stream with 55 % marks.  Now he is studying in BA 2nd year. Learning sociology, public administration and economics. Though he was not interested in studying commerce in 12th as he wanted to do a diploma in computer application. He cleared the JET exam but due to some problems couldn’t do it. Now he wants to prepare for civil service examinations.

His hobbies are  computer  programming and collecting information about technology.

His philosophy of life is that no matter how hard situation is, how many tests life places before you. Never give up. Never lose hope. Whatever happens,  happens for best.

Girish’s message to the young people is

“If you decided to do something, nothing can stop you if you are determined. All hurdles can be overcome with courage. Will power is everything.”