I went to meet a friend recently, a “normal” friend and I was on my four wheels that day and that is what today’s entry is about! Meeting a friend, stressing on the word normal, four wheels… don’t get confused! I am stressing the word normal because that is what every common person calls himself and by saying four wheels, I want to introduce you to my handy friend “Wheel Chair”, a very useful thing devised for us, the special kinds!

Being a person with neurological problem, I am born with the ability to grab eyeballs. I can actually walk but like a drunk Barbie. So that day I decided to make a dashing entry on wheels just to make it a stylish meeting (it was the first time that I met this friend). I did alert this guy friend of mine whom I knew for about two years!

So let me tell you what happened that day! I had to pick a location according to my comfort; no steps, plain surface, lift, yummy food and parking. So I chose the CCD that was near my place and I asked my sister and a cousin to drop me. The three of us took an auto and reached our destination in about 10 minutes.

I wobbled out of the auto, and I immediately grabbed attention from the people on the road.

I dropped into the WC, and people were like OMG! A pretty girl on a wheel chair! Let us look at her and make her and make her more conscious and uncomfortable.

Stare stare stare! If she has so many problems, why the hell did she come out?

After all this as we were trying to rush in and push the tight glass door, a person from a nearby seat got up and helped us. Oh My Dear, gentleman… you actually cared to help!

While tens of hundreds of people stared at me while I struggled on the road it was only that one person who actually came to my rescue. And this one gesture mirrors our society.

People stop doing their tasks to look at a person who is different and what do they get of it? Nothing! There are some people who actually stop me on the road (right when I start getting conscious and wobble more) and ask about my problem! I wish I could answer saying: aunty I have Attaxia but will you understand?

I don’t intend to hurt someone, and it is not a wrong thing to have some curiosity but a helping hand would have been appreciated!

For me, I am still full of enthusiasm and the stares never actually bothered me. ☺

Apart from asking people to stop starring and start helping, I would also want to seek the government’s help so people like us can also dream of a future, a comfortable one!

Author: sahithi srivatchasa