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Why go vegan?

Today we see a lot of people suffering with different kinds of ailments. The main cause being deficiency or even the excess of particular nutrients. Well, don’t be surprised, because where the lack of a certain mineral in our body can cause a problem,  surplus of it can also bring about one. Therefore, many physicians and dieticians suggest to eat a balanced diet to stay away from diseases.

Now, whenever it comes to a balanced diet, we often think about including eggs, meat, and other such stuff along with our usual vegan or vegetarian diet. Undoubtedly, all the non vegetarian items are packed with many of the essential proteins, minerals and other necessary things that our body requires. But, who has given us the right to kill an innocent living being and eat it to get all those minerals and proteins for our own benefits. Aren’t we being selfish? Just because these animals can’t speak, doesn’t give us the right to take away their lives.

But if not meat, then  how will we get the required nutrient and stay fit? Well, this is the question that many of us may come up with. The very simple answer to it is just go vegan.  Yes, Mother Nature has given us the most delicious fruits and vegetables that can be eaten raw or even cooked and turned into some delectable delicacies too, while also providing with all the essential nutrients in a more natural way. Along with that, there are a number of other good reasons to go vegan.  Let us discuss a few. Let us discuss a few of the reasons that may persuade you to turn into a vegetarian.

  • Avert diseases: Both cancer and cardiovascular problems kill around millions of people every year. Studies have shown and proven that people who consume a vegan or vegetarian diet, maintain a healthy heart for long and have a reduced risk of cancer as well. This is because vegetarians intake almost no animal fat and cholesterol. Instead, they consume a fibrous and antioxidant rich produce in the form of fruit and veggies, which is great for their heart and immune system.
  • Keep away fats: according to studies, it is found that most of the people including kids and young adults are overweight and therefore at risk of weight-related ailments like heart disease, stroke and diabetes. The main reason for obesity is a diet that is high in saturated fats and refined complex carbohydrates. All of these can be found in non-veg food and so the risk of obesity related problems are greater in those who followed a non-veg diet. On the other hand, people who consume a vegetarian diet keep off weight, mainly  because of the fiber, which cleans the intestines and pushes the crap out of our body. So why not stay slim and fit by consuming a vegan diet?
  • Maintain bone health: calcium is the most important of all minerals, that is required in many processes of our body and when our bloodstream lacks calcium, our skeletal bones become the source of leaching it from. This results in weakening of bones, which is again a cause of ailments like osteoporosis. Dairy products like milk, yogurt or cheese happen to be the richest sources of calcium. Of course, these are animal products, but at least they do not involve killing of the poor creature. Those who are  lactose-intolerant can intake dry beans, tofu, soy-milk and dark green vegetables such as broccoli, kale, collards and turnip greens, all of which are rich in calcium as well as phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin D that are required for calcium absorption, hence offering the double advantage of eating these vegan products.

I hope that these few  reasons are enough to convince you that why should you go vegan. Feel free to share some of your reasons in the comments below

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