It was like a sudden volcanic eruption in my heart! The tiny hair on my hand stood straight up, like an army assembled in disciplined rows to salute the Indian flag! Uniform and attentive! So this was something that happened to me after reading so much about all the shit that people say when it comes to the safety of women in India! I mean seriously? What about the actual statistics? Is someone trying to flush them down the gutter? I wouldn’t say that India is the safest but then pointing out as if the Country is the only place for such incidents is really wrong and people have to get this straight.

Now, let me ask everyone, including myself, what are you doing about it? What are we doing about it? What are men doing to protect their women? What are women doing to protect themselves? What the hell am I doing to protect myself? My answer would be, NOTHING!

I read about such incident on papers, then I see everyone talking about it on social media, my blood boils, and then I go out to a nearby café and discuss about it with my friend and bham the whole thing fades! I wake up the day when the convicts get the meaningless life sentence and curse them on the social media.

Even after getting a lot of improvement in such cases, there has been absolutely no decline in the number of cases that have been happening and then come our netas who are so stupid that someone calls it destiny, someone points out at the victim’s clothes, and a dog actually dares to say that the victim should plead her attacker and call him bhaiya!

If these intelligent people who think they can actually run the country, feel that clothes are so inviting, I have two simple questions for you:

Was Draupadi wearing jeans when Kauravas insulted in front of hundreds of people?

Why did the mighty Ravan abduct Sita? Was she not in a saree?

The problem is not in the clothes we wear, but in your dirty eyes. Can you please get them scoped out? It is in your male ego can you get it chopped off? I could you better and use accurate terms for it, but I can’t because I wear the veil of a sanskari beti!

So what is wrong with the country? Nothing! It is the people who are wrong, and when I saw people, I don’t even count everyone, but I would surely request everyone to get together and come up with a pesticide so we can get rid of not just the rapists but also the senseless minds who put forward their valueless thoughts.

Author – Sahithi Srivatchasa