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We are ‘Skilled’

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Persons who are suffering from any kind of physical disability need a chance to live a dignified life. This can be done by providing them a training where they can learn some skill. This will help them to face the world and earn their livelihood.
‘We the people’ an organization which is working for the welfare of differently abled persons in collaboration with the NGO, “Janhit Vikas Sanstha” has come out with an initiative called ‘Mahir.’ 
‘Mahir’ is a step taken towards bringing disabled persons in main stream. Give them opportunity to be a productive members of society. Under this project differently able persons are trained to make many utility products by a very efficient team. Workshops are conducted to make differently abled learn different skills of making paper bags, envelop and day to day products. Then with the help of some associated NGO the products they make are sold in local market.

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The proceeds from the sale of these products are utilized for the economic elevation of the differently abled and other marginalized sections of the society.
The team of ‘Mahir’ comprises of enthusiastic, innovative and compassionate professionals who want to bring a positive change in life of differently abled persons and socially and economically weaker section of society. ‘Mahir’ helps them create and maintain a space for themselves in this world.
These volunteers are very experienced in the field of special education and working with the differently abled and they work closely with other NGOs to procure market and sell different products made by the specially abled.
Project ‘Mahir’ operates at various levels and includes people from different professions and backgrounds. One of its major aims is to create awareness regarding disability by augmenting the availability and accessibility of information concerning various aspects of disability. Team ‘Mahir’ is considering to add more products under its umbrella and if finding new ways to market these products. They are planning to create an online portal or opening out lets for sale of these products.

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‘Mahir’ is engaged in marketing different kinds of handmade and machine-made and  products.
1. Life Style and Décor 

2. Handcrafted Gifts 

3. Stationery 

4. Festival and celebration décor and gift items 

5. Conference kits and bags.

‘Mahir’ is supported by HCRA , Koshish special school , Devodhyog, Skillskool.

‘Mahir’ is a unique step taken towards giving a respectable life. It gives them a chance to show the society that Differently abled persons are also a productive members and can contribute in progress of country.


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