Today, while cleaning my closet, I stumbled upon my box, in which I had collected some unique coins. The said coins were in circulation and can be found once in a while, while transacting. Some of my collected coins were unique because they had different embossing like that of Rani Laxmi Bai, the other had embossing of peasants working in a field, etc. The coins did not hold any additional monetary value at present, like the old currencies but I had faith that they will, after about 100-200 years.

I know I wouldn’t have lived till then to witness the increased worth but still, at least I was happy collecting them. But today, I saw that out of more than 50 coins, hardly 10-12 coins were left. When I asked mummy about them, my suspicions were proved right. She had taken the coins and already spent it. No prize for guessing that I was very upset and started kind of shouting at her. I did not literally shout at her but did say things which made her smile disappear from her face.

I did not stop before speaking for straight 10 minutes, going after her to the kitchen from my room. Maybe because she wanted my ranting to end and I did not want to leave her so soon. But while speaking, I literally felt like a tube-light because a thought came to my mind. In this whole process, I did not realise that those coins were definitely not sad without me but my mother was sad because of my behaviour and speech.

I did not realise when my attachment to those coins had grown stronger than my concern and bonding towards mummy. I suddenly realised my mistake that for some petty coins, I was hurting the precious sentiments of my mother! I realised how I was being sad for the coins which had done nothing for me other than just sitting in a closed box, whereas I can never even imagine about all the sacrifices my mother had made or measure all the love she had given me. I know this sounds very cliché but the reality of it struck me at that time.

I became quiet at that very moment and left the kitchen. Minutes later, when mummy came to give me breakfast in my room, I apologized to her for my behaviour. And my sweetest mother set a new example of being kind by not uttering a word of complaint towards my lack of thoughtfulness, but simply said, ‘it’s okay. It was my fault. Now tell me, how would like to have your milk, with or without sugar?’

Yep, she not even once said that I was in-considerate towards her feelings and valued those life-less coins more.

Lesson learnt- Understand the importance and value of people and things in life instead of being driven by the misplaced, reckless and dry emotions.