My Saturday started off on the same lazy note, waking up late, the regular south Indian breakfast, and then comes work, work and more work. Well that is the perk of being a freelancer! People presume that you are always up for work and holidays? Forget them!

2:16 PM

Thanks to the power cuts that I can have a short break from work but being a kid of today, I don’t waste my time talking to people, I rather prefer staring at my lappy or I am just busy making virtual relationship at the stake of reality.

Ever since the launch of LifeCalling, I have made it a habit to listen to my voice at least one a week on Saturday. It is my voice and I have to listen to it. So this is what my voice says today… who’s being ignored? And my answer would definitely be the male! Don’t you think so?

With so much being written on females, the increasing rape incidents, female feticide, women empowerment and much more. But who is caring about the men?

I agree that “whatever happens to women is mostly because of men” but re-read this and you would face the truth.

When a rape happens we blame a man, we blame a guy for eve teasing, we blame a guy for accepting dowry, TV shows glorify women, and what not? Who will thank the man who stands against it?

Did you ever think about your father, brother, a family member or a friend who stands up against the evil, stays by your side and protects you?

There are men who stand up for women, fight for them, love them, care for them, become a woman’s pillar of success, but then the society is so busy blaming the wrong doers that men are all generalized  and nobody cares for them.

We women are built emotionally strong but when a single tear drops down, we have at least on shoulder to rely on, but what about men? What do they get… a sarcastic frown or a stupid label!

A father loves treats his daughter like a princesses, brother becomes an immediate care taker, best friend becomes a body guard, and a husband makes his wife the top most priority but there is nobody to credit them.

A simple thank you, a passionate smile or even a look of gratitude is all it needs to fuel them up. I am not defending a guy for rape, or in fact for any of the above examples but I just want to stand up and thank the good men.

We need to encourage our good men because that is what makes the society. Tag your friends, fathers, brothers, husband, or any other guy who has been your support.

On a closing note I would like to thank all the men out there.

Author : Sahithi Srivatchasa