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The musical ‘Sparsh’

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He got the voice which can touch millions of heart. His voice has healing power which can fill a person with positive energy. When he sings his melodious voice drips on soul like soothing drop of water on parched ground. This wonderful person is Sparsh Shah. He lives in America. Nature has generously blessed him. He has such a magical voice and on other hand he has very sharp and intelligent mind.

He has memorized 250 digits of pi. He can speak some of the 12 longest words of English dictionary in less than 18 seconds. He can speak in four different accents in  English. He has written more than 10 songs and composed many of them. He is a good speaker, story writer and poet.

Sparsh is learning Indian Classical music for last seven years and American Vocal music for three years.

Sparsh has done more than 40 live performances. Through them he collects funds for many social causes and natural disasters. He has participated in many local Radio and TV shows.

Behind all this successes he is suffering a pain with courage. He has an incurable disease called ‘ Osteogenesis Imperfecta’. This is a rare disease which makes bones so fragile that even a hand shake can cause fracture. He can not walk on his feet as his bones can not bear his weight. He had more than125 Fractures so far. His parents had to wait for six months to take him to their arms as he had 35 to 40 fractures at the time of his birth.

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At the age of three Sparsh started to learn keyboard. He is receiving training for Indian classical music from Pundit Jasraj Institute of Music since 2009. He participated in and won many music competitions. ‘Gan nipun spardha’ a prestigious singing competition organised by Pandit Jasraj institute of music (PJIM). He received the certificate of recognition by none other than pt. Jasraj himself. In April 2015 Sparsh won Young Voice of NYC (New York City) competition after which he was made youth Ambassador of St. Jude children’s research hospital. He won first prize for his speech on Dr. Bheemrao Ambedkar a competition held by Indian Consulate New York city. He was also winner of a singing competition “Swar Dhara” held by Marathi Vishwa New Jersey in February 2016.

Sparsh is a big fan of Eminem who is a Rap artist, Song writer, Record producer and Actor. His cover for Eminem’s ‘Not Afraid’ became widely hit. Sparsh was chosen to perform at the GRAMMY PARK by the Academy as one of the top four Next Generation Emerging Artists at Lefrak Center At Lakeside Prospect Park Newyork in May 2016. He also sung with Mr. Aloe Blacc at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn Newyork at one of the GRAMMY Park concerts.

Sparsh’s parents jigisha and Hiren Shah are very proud of him.

Despite all the problems faced by him due to his disease his spirit is unbreakable. He bears all his pain with positive attitude. He says that you can’t avoid pain but if you can smile through your pain it is courageous.

He wants to leave his imprints so hard on the sand of time that even a Tsunami can’t erase it.

Sparsh is very happy to release one of his original inspirational songs: “No One Knows”. He hopes this song will touch your hearts with its driving music and meaningful lyrics. He says ” It would mean the world to me, if this song can help change any life. Please share it with all your friends and family members and help me fulfill my dream to inspire billions of people in the world!”

The songs written by Sparsh

This love will never fade
There is always tomorrow
Why’d you have to leave me
You are my hero
Count on me
A little bit of respect
Turn around
Birthday wishes
You are the one
No one knows

Count on me


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