The land of rising sun, Arunachal Pradesh is known for its ravishing beauty. This paradise of Botanist is one of the most favourite destinations of people seeking calm and solace as they enjoy the nature around.

The Orchid Stare is popularly known for its city Tawang which is endowed with the best of nature. The city is often remembered for the Tawang Monastery, which is famed as the largest monastery in the country and marks the second largest in the world.


Poised at an altitude of 3500 meters above the sea level, the place is filled with the exotic flavours of nature enriched with history. The appealing beauty and high amount of solitude of the Chong-Chugmi and Gudpi ranges is truly a photographer’s delight.


The Tawang chu River and the Tawang valley pillared by the ranges make the whole sight reprises something that is picked up from a painting

The place of highest importance in Tawang is the Monastery which is regarded as the most important center of Mahayana Buddhism. This 17th century monastery of the Gelukpa was built by Mera Lama Lodre Gyaltso.

The three-storied assembly hall as, apart from the rend the larger than life golden statue of Lord Buddha (28 ft high) form the highlights of this place. The monastery houses a huge library which has impressive collection of manuscripts and ancient books.

Tawang also attracts tourists to its Urgyelling Monastery, the birth place of Thangyang Gyatso, who is the 6th Dalai Lama.

Tawang is a delight for any nature lover. It has the awe inspiring lakes like the Sangetsar Lake, which is best known for its snow pigeons and musk deer. There are a few other attractions like Craft Centre, the War Memorial and the local markets. Tawang is best suitable for those who like to get the closes to nature, touch the clouds, and listen to the birds and the flow of water. I would definitely choose this place if I ever had to paint the most exhaustive beauty.

However, this is also a place for enthusiastic people who would wish to have some fun time with activities like mountain climbing, boat rides and many more.

The Food!

Well, there are only a few places that serve food for the visitors as the place gets chilled up on the high altitude and most people wish to stay in their comfort shells. However, the stalls available for the visitors offer lip smacking Tibetan dishes like the Thukpa and momos. You can also find some road side shacks that treat you with smoking hot paranthas and curry in the mainland style. There is a shack called Annapurna and it offers aluchops that are highly recommended (umm… my mouth is already watering).

The traditional Monpa cuisine is also available, but I would recommend that only adventurous should people try it, because this food is loaded with chillies and fermented cheese and the faint hearted may not take it.