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A tale of courage and determination


Courage and Determination are two key words for success. The story of Dr. Akriti Bansal also revolves around these two words. To make her dream to become a doctor true she faced many challenges with courage and determination.

She was in school when she started experiencing frequent falls and incidences of knee buckling. But she didn’t pay much attention to these symptoms thinking of it as some sort of it as some sort of temporary weakness.

But when the problem started to grow her parents took her to a doctor. But even he could not understand the disease and prescribed some calcium and vitamin capsules assuring them that it is just a temporary phase which will soon be over.

But situation didn’t change. Her parents advised her not to think about this and to focus on her studies. With the help of support of her family she diverted her mind from this problem towards her studies,

She stood second in her school in 10th class. Now she was totally motivated to pursue her dream to become a doctor. Her family shifted to Zirakpur an adjacent to Chandigarh. She started her school and also took admission in medical coaching.

But her physical condition was getting worse day by day. She was getting slow, her gait was different, couldn’t get up from floor and climbing stairs had become more difficult. Her family doctor referred  her to a Neurologist.  There she was diagnosed with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. It is a progressive degenerative condition that eventually weakens the whole body and the person is confined to bed.

It was heart breaking but her family stood with her like a support pillar. Her father encouraged her and reminded her of her dream to become a doctor.


She again shifted her focus to her studies. In 12th board examinations she scored 88% marks. In her Pre medical test (PMT) she was ranked 55 in Punjab and 43 in Chandigarh. She got admission into GMC (Government medical college) Patiala in MBBS course. She stayed in a hostel there alone. It was indeed a tough decision for her parents to send her to a hostel but they wanted her to be strong   She met some most amazing friends there. Who helped her in every possible way.  They also helped her to have positive view. They told her “If you really want something in life just go for it, and leave everything else on God, He will himself sort out everything and create a path for us… If He brings us to it, He will definitely help us through it.”

Everything was going fine.   But as it is said that you cannot escape sorrow. In June 2012 she lost her father  due to acute respiratory failure as a result of pneumonia. He was her strength, her support, her ideal. His sudden death was a huge loss for her. She was devastated.

In this crucial time her  brother emerged as her strongest support system. He took all the responsibilities over himself. With his support she managed to come out of that shock.

Finally she passed her final exam in 2014 and became a doctor. She completed her internship and applied for post graduation. She cleared the entrance exam for post graduation in PGI recently and will be joining as a junior resident.

About her success she says

“All I know is that in this story there is no single hero, rather it’s about the combined effort and faith of each and everyone around me. My family and my friends are the ones who have made this possible for me. One has to believe in the power of nature and has to have faith in it, everything else becomes a blessing.” 

But her story is incomplete without mention of her mother. She always showered her unconditional love on her. Always remained with her like a guiding force. Supported her in all her efforts. Especially after her father’s sudden demise she was a strong support for Akriti.

With her determination she can walk without any help but she cannot climb stairs at all. She needs support to walk on ramps.. She cannot stand up easily from sitting position. Due to her weak muscles she cannot balance her body and fall frequently. She says that I don’t know what is there for me in future but I have faith in God.

Her Motto of life is ‘God gives difficult life only to those people whom he considers strong enough. A hard life is not His punishment but rather an opportunity to prove ourselves in front of Him.’



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