Have you ever taken a moment to pause and think that literally so many stories are present around you, I and everyone else? Everyone here has a story to tell, sometimes of their own and sometimes out of their imagination.
Recently I finished reading ‘And The Mountains Echoed’ by Khaled Hosseini. The novel starts with a story, a story which will stay with me forever. I’ll not get in to the details of the story but I’ll surely tell you that for a person like, it was enough to make me cry for a long time. The novel lead me to the thought that even our parents have their own stories. It is obvious that some of them we hear since our childhood but some are hidden inside them, locked somewhere safely.
Inspired by this thought, I asked my father about something he feels like telling but has never told me or my brother. To cut the long story short, that day I had a really nice time talking to my father about various things, from the current happenings in our lives to some of the major life lessons. In the process, I did catch some hints of the untold stories my father had. They were not clearly lying in front of me. It was like I had to catch the outlines and draw the complete picture on my own.
In this process I did feel that history repeats itself. It is like same fashion comes in trend in one or the other way. When I heard him speak, asked further questions and answered some, I realised that we have more common things than I had thought.
There was once a phase in my life which made me understand my mother’s problem a bit better. And the phase I was going through at that time made me understand my father’s life’s particular aspect. Before that moment, I was only feeling bad to be going through such tough time but after that enlightening talk with papa, I realised that indeed everything can be positive or negative depending on our view. It’s just like the two sides of coin, where you choose which side you wish to see, or may be whether you choose to concentrate on the good things in the side you are seeing or vice versa.
I’ll end with a famous quote from the famous Bollywood movie Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani. It has scene where Dipika Padukone tells Ranbir Kapoor, ‘Kitna bhi try kar lo, kuchh na kuchh to chhootega hi. Isliye yahin, isi pal ka maza lete hain.’ (Irrespective of how much you try, something will be surely left. So let’s enjoy this moment now.) Same way, irrespective of how much we try, we will face ups and downs in life. Why not try to enjoy the ride and try to be happy about whatever positive we find, even in tiniest bit, in the present situation? This way, we’ll be able to give a happy note to each chapter of our life’s story.