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Stay positive, work hard and make it happen


Where there is a will there is a way. Samiya Qadir proved this saying with her actions. She is a girl of strong will power. By her indomitable courage and determination she defeated the adversities of her life.

Samiya is daughter of Kadir Ahmed Mallick and Kahkashan Shabnam. She is eldest of her siblings. At the age of 11 years she was diagnosed as suffering from a muscle disorder called Limb Griddle Muscular Dystophy LGMD.

At this young age it was very difficult for her and her family to accept the truth that this is an incurable disease. Her parents were very depressed because her younger brother Yasar Mallick was also diagnosed suffering with LGMD.  It was devastating as two of their children were now have to lead an abnormal life. But soon they realized that there is no use in lamenting on situation. The only positive way is to educate both children.

There were many difficulties in this way but Samiya and her brother continued their studies. Their family were very supportive. Samiya scored 80% in her 10th board examinations. For better education family moved to Ranchi.
But it was not the end of problems. In 2011 it was found that Samiya  had four obstructions in her large intestine. because of which she was suffering pain in her lower abdomen and was not able to digest the food. She was
continuously vomiting which made her weak and she found herself unable to walk. The doctors advised for an operation but due to her bad health condition it was risky.

Lastly her father took her to CMC Vellore and on 19th July 2012 she was operated and the bad part of her
intestine was removed. She was kept on medication for 9 months. All these circumstances affected her studies a lot.
Her father was the only earning member of her family. His work was suffering. So they returned home.

Only 3 months were left for her 12th board exams. She was still on medication. She decided to drop that year but her parents encouraged her to appear for exams in the same year. They asked her not to think of the result and to do her best. This gave her the courage to sit for board exams. She scored 61% in the 12th boards.

This proved to be the turning point for her life. She thought if god has given her the second opportunity it was her duty to have Hope. So she should do her job without worrying about the result. She took admission in BCA in Ranchi Women’s College in the year 2013. She was topper of BCA (Commerce) batch and graduated with 80% in Honors
and 70% in aggregate with 1st Class.

Samiya got a placement in Wipro Tech. But she was not able to join Wipro. She is pursuing MCA Ranchi university.
Samiya is grateful to her family and teachers for whatever she has done.

She likes reading good books which can inspire her. She also loves to explore new technologies.

Her philosophy of life is
‘Stay positive. If you are persistent in your efforts you can get whatever you want.’
Her advice to youngsters is
“Difficult roads often leads to beautiful destinations so we should not think about our difficulty in spite of this we should work on paving the path and to walk on it to reach the destination with full courage. Because Where there is a will there is a way.”


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