We are spending more time browsing internet, streaming movies and music with the smartphone. As their use is increasing for every simple and single task, the amount of the data they pull from the internet is also increasing. Some apps in our phones taking liberal amount of the mobile data, which can lead to a nasty surprise when we see “you have reached data usage limit for today”!.

Fortunately Android devices have plenty of of options to help you save mobile data along with many ways to save the battery life.


Mobile phones have become the greatest spy on the planet!!


How to save mobile data


Now let us know the best tips and tricks to save mobile data of your smartphone or tablet, so you can continue use apps, explore the net and stream media without worrying about the data usage charges!


#1. Use WiFi whenever possible (best trick to save mobile data)


Use WiFi save mobile data
Wi-Fi Router


Almost every smartphone and tablet that is capable of cellular data also includes a Wi-Fi. You can connect this to your mobile, and once connected, cellular data won’t be used.

You can connect to a wireless network by going to the settings menu, switching Wi-Fi ON and then tapping the Wi-Fi. Now it opens the list of available networks. There just enter your home network’s security key and you’re done.

iOS user can refine usage by going to settings -> General -> Cellular. Now scroll down to the bottom of the menu and you’ll find an option to turn cellular data ON or OFF for various services. Turn OFF all to reduce data usage.


#2. Enable data monitor to view data consumption


Just navigate to the Settings -> Data Usage and will show you how data has been used overall and per app. Tap on an app you want to see the data used.

But Apple iOS provides a less detailed breakdown through Settings -> General -> Usage -> Cellular Usage. It display only how much data has been sent and received overall, but not per-app. Therefore, you’ill need to be download data monitoring apps like Data Master or Onavo.

Once you enable data monitor feature, you’all be able to detect what apps are data hogs. You can un-install completely or have their data access curtailed. Don’t forget keep an eye on data might be used by obsessive YouTube streaming.


#3. Change your browsing style


Mobile version save mobile data


Avoid using desktop version of a site on a mobile device.  It’s always better to browse the mobile version of the website on a mobile device. Preserve your browser catche, so that you won’t have to download images from frequency visited websites every time you visit the website.

If you’re using Chrome, simply tap the three-dot menu on the top right, choose Settings and turn Data Saver on. This will automatically compress pages before downloading them. Some browsers like Opera Mini are designed to compress data and dramatically reduce data usage when browsing. Therefore, it a best way to use such browsers especially for Smartphones.


#4. Restrict background data


Save mobile data with restrict background data


Keep an eye on what is using your cellular data and make necessary changes. You might not even realize that the background data draining your data allotment. To save mobile data from unnecessary consumption, Check Mails working to sync  as you receive them? Or your phone automatically downloading new app updates?

Incase individual apps chewing too much data on Android, tap on the app and toggle Background data or allow background data usage OFF. Or open the Play Store, tap the three horizontal lines at the top left to open the menu. Now tap Settings -> Auto-update app and choose Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.

In iOS, go to Settings -> Cellular or Mobile data and for Android, go to Settings ->Wireless & Networks -> Data Usage.

On an iPhone, go to Settings -> General and toggle Background App Refresh Off. You could also go to Settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive and scroll down to toggle off Use Cellular Data.


#5. Set data limit and alerts



You can check your android device data usage and also set alerts and limits. Go to Settings, under Wireless & Networks, tap on Data usage or Mobile data.

To check the data usage on iOS devices, go to Settings -> Cellular or Mobile data.

You will see a table displaying your data usage for a specific period of time. Now you can toggle Set mobile data limit and then move black and red lines to set alerts. The black line notify you that you’re approaching data limit, while the red line represents the threshold where your Android device shuts off cellular data.

But you have to reset these alerts at frequent intervels, so you should remember to do it yourself. You can download third-party apps to keep track of the data usage of to set alarms to notify  when you reach data limit.


#6. Stream smart


save mobile data


A chief consumer of mobile data is streaming YouTube HD videos. Just one hour of HD video barely enough for a television episode or half a movie – can consumes two gigabytes of data which is more than basic data plans offer for an entire month usage. Streaming HD movies is more expensive than buying the same movies at the store.

Music streaming also should be carefully monitored. If possible, download the music albums and listen offline!


other ways to save mobile data


  1.  Opt the 3G over the 4G network to avoid data wastage.
  2.  Subscribe to offline streaming service.
  3. Take or print maps offline.
  4. Disable push content.