Life is unpredictable, and what turn it takes at what interval of time cannot be known. When I was diagnosed with incurable genetic disorder my whole world fell around me. The dreams of attaining and achieving happiness become meaningless. The gloom, the disappointment and negativity surrounded me and became my constant companion. The more I tried to capture happiness the more it eluded me and ran away from me. In this state of utter distress my meeting with Rishi Bhandari came as a silver lining in the dark cloud.

Rishi, patient of muscular dystrophy is a terrific guy who in spite of all dreadful challenges and struggles that he faces, never leaves a single person uninspired and un- impressed with his infectious laugh and die hard spirit.

When I asked him how and what he described happiness as? He smiled and told me, ‘ everyone in the world seeks happiness, but none secures everlasting, consummate and undividing happiness. The reason, people seek happiness in material objects and objects of nature, this is similar to, actually looking for oil in the sand. How can one get it from a place where it doesn’t exist? For me serving and making other feel happy is the happiness.’

And how he goes around making people happy? Was my sort of retort to his view point, to which he laughed heartily and revealed the secret of introducing robotic and automatized inventions to people with physical challenges. Although, he added with gravity on his child like face, ‘in a country like India where economic condition of general public is relatively poor and apathy of government towards the specially challenged a major issue it looks almost a dream project, yet this is his heart’s most wanted desire and ambition for the life time.’

A prolific writer, a loyal friend and soul companion a diehard champion and real life hero Rishi is loved by many and remains in prayers of those who have felt happiness in his vicinity. Life becomes sugar sweet when love floats around and little spice just adds to its flavor making it all the more interesting!!

Author : Vandana Goel