“Pleasant words are honeycomb, sweetness to the Soul and healing to the bones”.

Above quote states that the way we talk determines our physical, Psychological as well as social well-being (100%). Human is a social creature, and without any communication with other fellow humans is like an exile to him! Hence, to react with the fellow person, he has to talk. But, talk to others doesn’t mean that we can use the words of negativity or discourage. Before talking, thinking or feeling what we are saying is very important to keep our relationship (may be with family, friends, and spouse) strong. To do so, we have to develop positive attitude towards others so that we never underestimate other’s potential and ultimately it develops good thinking, fills our mind with positivity.

But what is this attitude? How to develop positive attitude? Is it possible? Answer is possible👌.

What is attitude?

Attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about something.

So, the way we think or feel about ourselves and others is an attitude!

Magic of Positive Attitude

Attitude is nothing but all about how we perceive ourselves and others. So, we have to perceive good from our self and from others to develop positive attitude. This quality makes our mind, body healthy and gives a way to develop positive thinking and good relationship with our friends and family.

How to develop positive attitude?

If you want healthy relations stop saying “I can’t do it, or you can’t do it”.

  • Start spreading words of life, words that are sweet to your soul
  • Be careful not to let negative words proceed from your mouth
  • Begin to fill your mind with positive thoughts and speak positive words

Eg: 1. I know I will succeed, and I know you will succeed

2. God is there to help me, God is there to help you

3. You have the willpower to accomplish that task.

  • Listen carefully and understand what others saying before you talk
  • Don’t be hurry to express your thoughts, and think before ventilating them
  • Don’t discuss your or your friend’s shortcomings unnecessarily
  • Allow others to express their opinions
  • Don’t expect answers quickly for your questions. For example, when you are texting, your friend would have seen your message but didn’t reply! What? Don’t be aggressive towards your friend, he/she might be attending seminar/meeting in the office or maybe taking lunch.
  • Stop thinking that you should get top priority among others.
  • Try to read inspirational quotes and books on how to develop positive attitude (mindset).

Last but not least word is Don’t let negative attitude ruin your human relations 😃.