Proper lip care create a perfect pout to your lipstick – be it bright and vibrant shades or pastel and nude hues.


Lips not only symbolize your beauty but also it talks about your health.




Our lips have a lesser amount of oil (sebaceous glands), sweat glands, and melanin pigment. The skin on our lips is much thinner than the skin on the other parts of the body. So lips are more vulnerable to cracking and chapping. This problem even worse in the winter as air is dry and cold during this time. So, to protect your lips from cracking, dryness, itching, pain and sore state – you need to take some precautions first.

The nice looking lips boost up your confidence, while the dry, chopped lips lose your self- dignity.


Before we start learning about various lip care tips and tricks, let us have a brief glimpse at the troubles we experience with our lips during winter season.


1. Chapping (due to lack of moisture/humidity in air)

2. Splitting (cold weather, dry air, and also vitamins deficiency or cheailitis)

3. Bleeding (due to tears, bleeds, and bruises in Lip’s blood vessels).


Natural Lips Care Tips during Winter


You should firmly believe in the saying “prevention is better than cure”  because lip problems cause the pain that is very difficult to bear.


That’s why: to take care of your lips follow these simple and effective steps.


1. Do Not Touch or Lick Your Lips


When you lick your lips, enzymes in the saliva act too harsh. It might be good feel hydrating for a moment every time you touch or lick your lips, but they tend to get more dry.

The next thing to avoid is breathe with your mouth open. Mouth breathing causes loss of moisture from the lips. And the last but obvious precaution is don’t kiss anyone with any infections on their lips. Infection absolutely takes no time to spread to any cracks on your lips too!

2. Stay Hydrated


As your skin need hydration, so as your lips too. It is the best natural lip care to get healthy lips. Drink adequate water to protect your lips from the dryness due to dehydration.


3. Follow Healthy Diet Plan


Dark, pigmented, and chopped lips are the result of improper diet. Vitamins and minerals directly reflect your Lip’s health. To reverse chopping and cracking etc, you can include these fruits and foods in your diet as well as beauty regime.



1. Tomatoes

2. Cucumber and bottle gourd

3. Beetroot

4. Yoghurt

5. Honey

6. Coconut

7. Green tea

8. Aloe vera



  1. Watermelon
  2. Lemon
  3. Walnut


4. Remove Makeup


Make sure you remove all traces of makeup from your lips during night time. Wipe your lips clean with a damp cotton ball.


5. Smooth Massage


With some good nourishing oils massage your lips for about 5 minutes every day. This not only improves the blood circulation but also get the nutrients that are needed for good lip color.


6. Scrub Your Lips


Scrubbing lips removes dead skin cells so that they don’t succumb to any infection.

  • Use any mild and natural scrubs available in the market
  • Alternatively, you can make scrubs at home some ingredients just like you prepare scrubs to gain soft and glowing skin.


7. Apply Lip Balm Always


We never know when your lips tend to start drying out. Select a good creamy and hydrating lip balm and always carry with you even while you are traveling.

8. Always Carry a Lip Balm


Make sure you have a good creamy and hydrating lip balm with you even while you are traveling.


9. Apply Lipstick When Stepping Out


Lipstick protects your lips from the sun, dry air. It adds a layer on your lips and acts as a barrier to dust and pollution. Select trusted brand lip enamel and apply to lips when you stepped out.


10. Consult Cosmetologist if Needed


Despite all above mentioned measures, still no response then it is a time to visit Cosmetologist. Don’t make late to seek doctor’s help!


Keep these amazing natural lip care tips in mind to get naturally healthy and soft lips.