So here is something for young people, who wish to go on a fun trip with friends. Kasol in Himachal Pradesh is a true paradise for you. This small village is full of life but then it gives you all the privacy that you wish to have. At Kasol, you can party hard all night and the next day you can just wake up and go for a walk around the beautiful sunlit mountains. This is in true sense the best of both worlds!


This little unadulterated jewel is rests in the lap of nature in the heart land of the Himalayas. It stretches along the beautiful Parvati River and the mountain embedded to the northeast, Kasol is a breath taking place to visit. This small village is a balance of both worlds with a host of reggae bars, bakeries and affordable guesthouses and you can spot largely hippie or Israeli crowds.

The place is usually crowed during summers for its popular trance parties that are actually shifted from Goa.

One can experience being closest to the nature as the talk a walk on the 3.5 km footbridge that stretches over the Parvati River. The place is loaded with a number of rustic guesthouses and small bistros and they are mostly foreign-run.

What to do in Kasol?

Kasol is popularly called mini Israel in HP and the hill station falls on the way to the holy town of Manikaran. So a lot of people drop by this place while visiting Manikaran.

This is an ideal destination for people who usually have their backpacks ready for a quick trip. Kasol attracts a lot of trekkers as well as nature enthusiasts and this is because of its scenic valley, enthralling mountains and the most suitable climate that is pleasant throughout the year.

Kasol offers the much needed respite for young people who are desperate for a break due to their regular tiring work. A quick trip to this hill station would truly be a rejuvenating one.



Because this village is on the banks of the Parvati River, visitors can enjoy a peaceful afternoon doing nothing but consuming the gorgeous mosaic of Mother Nature. Water sports in the Parvati river are also quite popular.

A few kilometers from Kasol is the holy center Manikaran which is famed for natural hot springs, which are known for their curative powers.

The entire Parvati Valley is a haven for nature lovers and photography fanatics.

The Israeli church in the hill station is quite famous and so is the flea market. You can also find very good charas here.

The Food!

Kasol is well known for its many cafes and restaurants that are quite affordable and yet very tasty. Owing to the fact that this is the most favourite destinations for Israelis and other foreigners, they have continental cuisine apart from the North Indian and local cuisine.

Author- Sahithi Srivatchasa