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John was an inspiration


I will never forget the moment I laid eyes on that adorable little boy.  I fell in love with him when he reached out for us with his tiny arms.” says Janet Nagle mother of late John Vernon Nagle.

John had a special place in everyone’s heart.  He was a joy to be around, and wise beyond the not so many years of his life.  He loved his family very much. He was Born on October 4, 1980. He was adopted by Janet since ten months old.

John was about 3 years old when he was diagnosed with duchenne’s muscular dystrophy . A muscle biopsy was done to determine what type of MD he had. .But Janet did not tell him at that time. She waited until he was a little older and he started to go to school. John was very upset on this revelation. Janet helped him to get through the diagnosis. He had many little friends when he was young and was able to still go play and run just a little bit. By the time John went to his first grade he was starting to have difficulties in sitting, standing and walking. He was in a wheelchair by the time he was 11 years old as he could no longer walk. John bravely went through all the surgical procedures and the doctor visits.  He was just very strong-willed.

John wanted to be a graphic designer. He was a genius in the creative arts. He loved to write poetry.
John had many friends when he was in school but as he grew older he was at home most of the time. After his graduation he really didn’t see a lot of his friends. He loved to go out for movies and dinners.

John was full of life. He always enjoyed the little joys which he had. He always tried to keep a positive side in life. Once he told his mother that a lot of people just don’t see the beauty in the world.

John was very intelligent. He could see things that most of the people just rushed through. John’s attitude towards life was very positive. He loved it and he did all he could do in the time frame that he had. He  had a heart of gold. He loved everyone and cared for them.

He was a outstanding person. John looked at life on a day-by-day basis and he tried so hard to continue what he could do. He was never tempered by what many saw as a devastating disability.  John contributed twenty years of his life  promoting the worthy cause of the Muscular Dystrophy Association in an effort to find a cure and bring hope for patients of MD.

John died on 29 April 2007 after living a meaningful life in spite of his disease. He gave a message to us that no matter in what ever condition you are never give up. Life is a gift of God. Don’t waste it in trivial matters. Live it in full for your loved ones, society and for you.


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