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International yoga day

International yoga day special

Yoga, although is an ancient Indian culture or tradition that was a part of the vast knowledge given to the students in  the venerable gurukuls of India. But, now this Indian culture is now practiced in almost every corner of the world. ‘Why’, might be the question that may arise in a lot of minds. Read on further to get a clear answer.

Yoga can not be described as a type of exercise that will keep you fit and fine and is definitely not a calisthenic like aerobics or some other form that focuses only on muscle building and fat burning. On the other hand, yoga aims to give you a fit physique along with making you mentally stable, thus making you an overall healthy person. It also empowers you spiritually helping to develop a strong connection with the supreme. Besides treating your body ailments, yoga helps you to become focused in your routine work,  as well as get a control on your sentiments, provided you practice it regularly with full concentration.

Many people have often thought that yoga is just a series of breathing exercises and involve only a few body movements that exercise your body very lightly. And maybe this was the reason that only a few people followed it. But the fact is that, yoga (and I mean a serious and focused yoga) is not a child’s play. It involves a lot of yogasanas that are very, very simple and easy to execute like ‘balsana’ as well difficult to perform like ‘chaturanga’ and each yogasanas gives you the desired result. Each yogasana exercises some or the other body organ and helps to treat it completely in case of a problem.

Practicing yoga does not require any special training equipment, for which you would have to rush to the market to buy one, or join a gym. You can practice it within your home or any other open place like a garden or a beach where you can breath in fresh air. If you include just 20 minutes of focused yoga practice in your daily regimen, you will start seeing the results in just a few days. The only thing required is your full attention and a firm belief in yourself.

Today, people all over the world has recognized the power of yoga and are proudly practicing it. With full faith in the supreme and a strong conviction in yoga, exercise it daily and you’ll see that sky’s the limit for you. Wishing you all a very happy ‘International Yoga Day’.

Author – Garima Goel

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