International yoga day special (2)

The countdown for the 2nd International Yoga Day, celebrated on the 21st of June, has begun. Every person from around the globe, despite of the age, gender, nationality or religion is seemingly enthusiastic about the celebration of this magnificent day. The leaders and heads of all political, social and business sectors have taken the initiative to arrange for different ways of celebrating the day and spreading awareness about Yoga. Many spiritual and yoga gurus have organized yoga & meditation camps for one and all that will be led by some of the leading yoga teachers all around the world. This day is a great opportunity for someone who is new to yoga to learn the basics of yoga from the masters of this science.


Yes, the term yoga refers to as a science of life. Although a very short term, Yoga encompasses a broader meaning of life, which unites the body, mind and soul of any and every person who practice it. Because of the many health benefits that yoga provides to a person, it was just taken as a type of exercise or a workout by many people. But as they explored it more and more, they found that yoga is advantageous in so many different ways and health is just a mere part of it. Peace, joy, success, happiness are a few things that human beings have always been seeking for. And yoga is the particular science of life that cover all of these and related aspects. It has the potential to provide a specific platform where the search of everyone ends, provided it is practiced regularly and precisely.


The roots of this holistic life science lay in India, which is now widespread in every corner of the world. The mission of celebrating the International Yoga Day was to introduce yoga to each and every person of all societies and let them live their lives to their fullest potential. We can see this mission being accomplished gradually as millions of people are coming forward to learn and practice yoga every day.


I, on behalf of my team wish you all a very happy Vishva Yog Diwas. Live a joyful and prosperous life in a Yogic style.