Our day is determined by how we wake up in the morning. Isn’t it? It sounds funny, but true!




So to make everyday go smooth, let us learn some ideas to wake up fresh and energetic in the morning every day.


#1. Getting a good night’s sleep


Sleep long and hard!! Aults should sleep 7-8 hours a night. Infants, children and teenagers need closer to 9-11 hours of sleep. Our sleep should be consistent: getting more or less sleep than we need can disturb the sleep cycle. Therefore, try to avoid walking up at night if possible.


  • Older people need additional sleep of 1-2 hours and need to take naps.
  • Infants and toddlers need 9-10 hours, and 3 hours of nap time.


#2. Sleep in a dark and quite room


Avoid exposure to bright lights 1-2 hours before you sleep. Close the curtains, turn LED clocks away, PCs and TV off, and avoid bedside lights. Before you head over to sleep, try reading a book instead of watching TV or using your computer.


  • Ask your family members and neighbors to keep the volume down at bedtime. Consider earplugs if your surroundings always noisy.
  • Avoid looking at your mobile as it is likely to exposes you to blue light that can keep you up.
  • Wear sleep mask if you can not keep your room dark enough.
  • Hang blackout curtains for a deep dark effect.


#3. Keep your room temperature down


You will sleep more soundly if your room temperature is cool and temperate. Open doors and windows if you feel too hot and if you feel too cold, keep a few layers of sheets and blankets on your bed so you can adjust for warmth.


  • Regulate  the room temperature according to the season.
  • Room temperature of 15-20 degrees is ideal for the sound sleep.


#4. Drink and eat reasonibly


Eat dinner a few hours (preferably 2-3 hours) before you lie down. Go to bed sated, being hungry may cause acidity in the stomach. Do not drink more water at night, because drinking a lot before sleeping might make you wake up in the night for urination.


  • Avoid drinking caffeine six hours before you sleep. Don’t eat dark chocolate after dinner. Caffeine stays in our body for up to 12 hours, and may disturb your sleep.
  • For a sound sleep, opt for warm milk, herbal tea, and other relaxing bevarages in the evening.


#5. Avoid alcohol and drugs


Try to refrain from the alcohol bevarages before bed. Alcohol may induces sleep, but it actually interferes with the depth of your sleep. Some medications such as analgesics (painkillers) and narcotics (sleeping pills)) can interfere with your healthy sleeping pattern.


  • Refrain from the habit of drinking alcohol at night. If you drink,try to drink plenty of water, at least a cup for every glass drink you have. It will reduce morning hangover effect.


#6. Avoid naps


Best ideas to wake up fresh and energetic in the morning


Naps can interfere with your night sleep routine. Long naps may cause insomnia (sleeplesness), so try to keep it under 30 minutes.


  • Sit and talk with your family members and friends.
  • Don’t go to bedroom as soon as you take the lunch.
  • Engage in any activities like reading, watching TV or cooking.


#7. Exercise every day


Giving physical activity to the body will help you get a sound sleep. Walk, jog, ride a bicycle, dance, or take yourself to gym. But remember, do not exercise two hours before sleep.