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I am ‘Shakti’


She is woman of substance. She handles both home and career very beautifully. She is a caring and loving mother a dedicated wife and on other hand a social activist. She is the symbol of modern woman. She is Mrs. Sumithra Prasad a Media Activist and Life Skills Counsellor, Motivational speaker, Social worker. 

Social work for her is a passion. She thinks that it is not a job. It is an act to reach out and touch the lives of many. It is a ‘Calling of your heart’. When you walk on this path the changes you make in others life and smile you bring on their faces gives you immense satisfaction. This is the greatest reward. She is getting this reward in tonnes.

Sumithra was exposed to the life or lower working class and middle class people. She was well aware about the problems faced by these sections of society. During collage she opted for Humanity stream subjects like Psychology and Sociology. She was also part of NSS which gave her a greater perspective of the Social issues be it the Abandoned, marginalised groups or children with special needs and others. That is why her field of social work has a wide spectrum. She works for Accessibility issues to create a barrier free environment, advocates the rights of marginalized persons. Sex workers need proper counseling to stay away with HIV AIDS. There is also a need to create awareness about literacy among them and their children. She works for both purposes. She also works for de-addiction, education, skills training and empowerment for the developmentally delayed neurologically challenged and physically disabled persons. Sumithra also works for mentoring youth in the domain of intra  inter personal communication skills and personality development.


She organises Motivational workshops and Counseling program for parents of children with special needs

For the welfare of Tribal Community she holds  Medical and rehabilitation camps.

She is active in Youth Sensitization and activation in the areas of social issues

She has presented Papers on Varied topics like Life Span Approach,  Multiple Intelligence, Cognitive Behaviour Modification Therapy,  Life Skills Training, Neighbourhood Initiatives across National and International Seminars and Consultation Programs.

Sumithra scripted and directed One Hundred and Fourteen Documentaries on various issues of social concern.

Sumithra is associated with many organizations also and helping them in their noble cause. some are

Arunim ( New Delhi)

Aruwe, ( Chennai)

Banyan ( Chennai)

Believe India ( Delhi)

Bombay Medical Aid Foundation ( Mumbai)

Clarke Special School ( Chennai)

CSIM  Centre for Social Initiative and Management

Helen Keller Institute for the Deaf, DeafBlind ( Mumbai)

Human Care, Human Rights Protection Network (Chennai)

Kashmir Lifeline, ( Srinagar)

Sumithra is general Secretary DORAI Foundation. (A NGO registered with the Charity Commissioner Office, Mumbai). This organization is dedicated to many fields related to her social work.

Despite her busy schedule she also manages sometimes for pursuing her hobbies. She loves to travel, write poems, bake and do gardening.

She paints a Design on her Forehead each morning which symbolises that all the energy and positive attributes of life lies in within.

Sumithra has been given many awards. She says that credit of all her success goes to the support her family. Her husband Rajendra Prasad always encourages her to do social work. He proudly says  “There are very few people who risk their lives to reach out and help others. Sumithra’s work makes him proud of her.” His encouragement is the source of her strength. Her daughter soujanya always says that there is nothing which her mother can’t do. Her moral support boosts her spirit. Her 80 years old mother also a strong pillar on which her success is based.

The guiding force behind social work is her son Srinivas who is suffering from Asperger’s syndrome which is a form of Autism. ‘Sai Bakery’ is a unique initiative which is another great achievement of her. The idea behind this came from her son Srinivas. Sai Bakery is providing an opportunity to the people suffering from any kind of learning disability to live a productive and dignified life.

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Her message to the women is “As Women are the Torchbearers of culture and Value system, we need to believe in our Nurturing Capacity and the essence of rightfully managing our lives as a Home Maker and a Career Woman.

We always need to believe I’m ourselves. After all the society has also got us as contributing members.

So never let down your belief and hold your guard against all negativism.

You are a Woman , a Wife and a Mother but you are also a responsible Human being. So always believe in your capacity.”

Her motto of life is

“All we need to do is unleash our hidden potential and make Life beautiful and worthy, not just for ourselves but for all those whom we touch upon.” 


List of honors given to Mrs.Sumithra Prasad

  • ‘Best Social Entrepreneur Award‘ – Chennai ( 2016 )
  1. ‘Social Service Award for Welfare of Persons with Special Needs‘ – Chennai ( 2016 )
  2. ‘International Award for Humanitarian Service’ – Relentless Service during Natural Disasters – New Delhi (2015)
  3. ‘Ambassador Evangelist _ Apeejay Karmayuga ( 2014-15 )
  4. ‘Parenting Excellence Award’ – More than Parents,  Chennai (2014)
  5. ‘Best Human Rights Activist’ – Advocating for Rights of Persons with Special Needs -Mumbai (2014)
  6. ‘Mother Teresa Award’ – Best Social Service State Award – Chennai (2014)
  7. ‘Wave -Wellness Army Volunteering Excellence Award for Significant Service in Mental Health‘ – Chennai ( 2013)
  8. ‘Golden Candle Award‘ – upholding the spirit of dauntless and  selfless spirit in social service – New Delhi (2012)
  9. ‘Role Model’ – for life skill counseling in the Urban Mental Health Program by Banyan & Dept of Social Work – Loyola College_ Chennai, (2011).
  10.  ‘Sewa Jyothi – Award of Honor’ for the extensive community work done in Punjab (2010),
  11. Karmaveer Puraskar’ – Lifelong fight for social justice – New Delhi (2010);
  12.  ‘Sadguru Gnananda Award’ for promotion of social service consciousness – Chennai (2009),
  13. ‘Selfless service Honor’ for rehabilitation of Tsunami affected in Tamilnadu _ Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan – Mumbai (2005)


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