Always remember that there are many persons whose sufferings are much greater than yours. Whatever you possess utilize it in full. Do not complain about things.

This is the philosophy of Nishtha Thaker Anand. She herself is suffering from Muscular Dystrophy but doing a great job to bring ‘Hope’ and ‘Happiness’ for many other suffering from physical disability. So they can lead a respectable life.

She was born on 23 December 1973 in Raipur of Chattisgarh state and was brought up in Junagadh Gujarat. At the age of 11 she came to know about her disease. At this young age it was a great setback. In 1985 Dr. B S Singhal of Bombay hospital diagnosed that she was suffering with Charcot Merrie Tooth a form of  Muscular Dystrophy. It makes the muscles of body so weak that it can’t make any move. She had to take many medicines. These medicines were not working for her but were affecting her immune system. Frustrated she decided not to take any medicine. She completely devoted herself for her studies. After passing 10th another tragedy occurred. She lost her father. This was an unbearable pain. Due to which she suffered high fever for approximately one and half year and became so weak that Tuberculosis made her it’s victim. She had to undergo for a long treatment which had adverse effect on her health. It made her very weak and confined her to wheelchair.

In 1993 Dr. Ketan thaker tried some Ayurvedic medicines on her. After a long treatment it worked to some extent. She started to walk with the help of a walker. But her courage and determination was real factor behind this triumph.

After completing her graduation Nishtha did her MBA in Human resource management.

She worked for Ellisbridge Gymkhana, SEWA, Udgam school but presently serving Indian Institute of management Ahmadabad as clerical assistant.


The turning point of her life came when she met Sanjana Goel President of NGO called Indian Association of Muscular Dystrophy (IAMD). She became aware of problems faced by persons with physical disability and started working for them.

In 2008 she organized 19th medical awareness camp through which she learned about many issues faced by patients of Muscular Dystrophy. Since than she held many camps for IAMD to help people suffering from Muscular Dystrophy.

She arranged many picnics for their outing. Distributed Wheelchairs for mobility.

She felt that It is very much needed in today’s time to think of and attend different issues which youth with disability are facing like social, economical, self reliance etc. So with this aim she started chain of Youth empowerment camp “UDAAN”.


UDAAN covers below topics

Medical aspect :- Gynaec inputs for physiological changes and knowldege therof.

Social aspect :-  Soft skills on interpersonal interaction and effective communication.

Economic aspect :- Exposure to concepts of Economic Empowerment through formation of self Help Groups and setting up Neighbourhood initiatives.

Psychological aspect :- Training in the areas of self development, coping with stress and inculcate the philosophy of  Self Advocacy. Engage the individuals in the attributes of Life Skills that will help them to become independent not just personally but as a collective unit.

Recently she succesfully completed Youth empowerment camp at highest battle field LEH and Started center for livelihood for youth with disability.

It is only due to her determination that she completed most difficult journey of Amarnath.

She has been honored with many awards

In 2011 Best employee (Person with disability) by Gujarat Govt.

Long achievement award BJP Mahila morcha

Special achievement award (2008 & 2010 ) by IIMA welfare committe

Doctor Batras Positive health award 2013

She was also invited to talk about providing equal and better opportunities to physically challenged persons by FICCI and CBM Australia.

Nishtha says that it is cooperation and pure love of her husband Krishna which gives her strength for all this work she does. Her mother is another support in her life. She is a mother of a beautiful daughter.

Nishtha thinks that she is capable to do anything. She wants to set an example for society with her achievements that persons with disability are capable to do anything.