To live a happy life the most important thing is our attitude towards life. A person with positive approach can live a meaningful life irrespective of the challenges a person faces.
Kulasya joshi is leading his life on same principle. He is a very lively person. He is suffering from spinal cord injury Spina bifida. It is a birth defect in which a developing baby’s spinal cord fails to develop properly. He is unable to walk. But this never came in his way to live meaningful life. His motto of life is to be successful.
He was born on 13 March 1989 to Narendra Joshi Nandita Joshi both bankers. He is also working in RBI.
He is a commerce graduate and also a software administrator.
Kulasya wants to establish himself as a successful writer. He writes detective stories. Many of his stories have been published in different magazines in Marathi languages. Such as Dhananjay, Hasvanti navalkatha, Maharashtra jatra, Mahanagri Vartahar.
He is very fond of detective stories since his childhood. When he started writing he opted to write detective stories. He works hard to excel himself in this field.
Kulasya says that it all started because he wanted to do something creative in his spare time. So he started to gather scattered thoughts into interesting stories.
He likes reading, watching cricket and movies.
He is very much interested in cricket and mad about Sachin Tendulkar. Whenever he gets a chance he goes to enjoy cricket in stadium.
‘Never say die’ isĀ  message which Kulasya wants to give.