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A Hug to say I care……Mom

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A tiny fragile creature comes in this world. Unable to do anything. Can’t tell about his/her needs. The child gets the safest abode in this world “Mother’s lap.” Sucks nectar from mother’s breast. With all love and care shown by mother this fragile creature gets strength. Starts to sit, then talk and finally stands on feet to go to outside world. One day this child becomes successful. Even at that time he/she is showered with love and care.

This is the relationship between a mother and her child. We all received this most valuable thing called mother’s affection.

Now just go back in the past when you were an infant. Imagine you were hungry and were crying to be fed. Your eyes were searching for most trusted face. You wanted those fingers to gently brush your forehead. Taking you in her lap she fed you. Now you were satisfied and were smiling. She gently started tapping your forehead and you slept.

Now just imagine that in this whole episode she was not there for you. Now how helpless you felt that time.

This tells us importance of mother in our life. Our mothers do a lot for us. Hardly ask anything from us. Now its your time to tell them how much you care for her.

A card, a flower or just a hug can do this.


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