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I am hopeful for a happy life ahead


Life puts you through many tests. It is up to you whether you succumbs to difficulties or accept the challenge and prove yourself a winner.

Rohan Agarwal is a person who decided to face all difficulties to be a winner.

He was born on 15 July 1979 in Mumbai. He was a very cheerful and naughty boy who was loved and adored by family and neighbourhood. He grew up playing football. Whenever there was a football match of his society’s team with other team he was a favourite member. Football was his passion and he was very proud of the number of goals he scored.

When he was 13 his family shifted to Faridabad (Haryana). But due to extreme change in climate his father’s health deteriorated drastically and he died due to TB. It was a setback for the family and they again moved to Ludhiana.
He was leading a normal life till this time and was enjoying his passion football. But soon he realized that there was something wrong. He was having difficulty in running. He had to put more effort in the endeavor. His mother however thought that it might be a muscle pull or a teenage problem. But with time it got aggravated. He consulted a Bone specialist. He advised that it might be due to deficiency of calcium. Rohan started to take medicines. Medicines were very expensive but he found no relief. So doctor referred the case to a neurologist. After conducting tests like Muscular biopsy, EEG, CPK, Electrograph he was diagnosed as suffering from Muscular Destrophy. He once again had a shock. He was very young but he decided not to give up. He however made up his mind to live with it. He was 15 and his friends took all kinds of alcohol or cigarettes. He refrained himself from such life depleting things which might affect his health further.

During college he could manage to climb up stairs and walk with a good balance. His friends used to tease him for his crooked walk. but he took all in a good spirit. He completed his with 55% marks. After graduation he joined a Tiles and Sanitary showroom. Here working was of 12 hours and even on sunday it was a half day working. He was working for meagre salary of 4000 rupees. After working for a  year he had this grudge that he was wasting his time. He felt a need to increase his qualification. He joined a Trust on a same salary but for less working hours and an off on Sunday. He completed MCA and took a job of a computer teacher in a school. Till that time he was able to drive a two wheeler and lift himself from chairs. He had to drive 8 Km. daily. Here he was getting 7000 rupees.
He used to reach home at around 2:00.  This gave him plenty of time to prepare for competitive exams.  Whatever free time he  had he used to utilize it for that purpose. Then one day he saw an ad of clerk’s exam in SBI.  There were about 20000+ posts available with a handsome salary and perks and benefits. He joined a leading institute for its preparation and dedicated himself to clear that particular exam. He got his name  on merit list in that exam. There was no turning back for him from here.

The working in a bank was very tight. There was hardly any time to take rest for few moments. The staff was non-cooperative at that time because he didn’t look like having any handicap. Whatever they saw was that he was on his feat standing straight and able to walk. Once he was asked to attend a training which included a 5 day stay at karnal. It seemed a little difficult for him. He asked whether that training could be cancelled, as he was unable to perform his daily tasks. But the accountant denied him on the ground that when a person without legs can attend the training why can’t he.  He decided to attend the training without any complaint. The training staff was very cooperative. They allotted him a room near to the seminar hall, so that he can attend it without climbing up stairs. He completed the training. Now his two wheeler was changed to four wheeler scooter.

Everything was going fine when he felt that he was unable to lift himself from a high risen bed. He now needed facilities of helper, car and a driver to continue with his work. He thought that with clerks salary it wouldn’t be easy to get these facilities. He once again accepted this situation with positive approach. He prepared himself for the assistant managers exam within the bank. His dedication and hardwork bore fruit again and he cleared the exam.

Now he is working as Assistant Manager at State Bank Of India. He uses a wheelchair and needs two people to lift himself up and make him seated to the scooter. He daily commutes from his four wheeler scooter to bank, from there he get seated to a wheel chair and then get back home vice versa. He is now planing to buy a car and hire a helper for easy to and fro.

Rohan got married in 2002. His wife is very cooperative. She always stood by him at times of difficulty. He believes that she gave him a life worth living,  He is proud father of 2 sons. Elder son is 12 years old and younger one is 2.5 years old. He says “My kids are the biggest asset of my life.  I believe my kids after a span of 5-6 years would be my arms and legs.”

He passed all the tests of life with courage. He is very positive and confident.

His philosophy of life is “I believe whatever challenges life would bring in front of me, I would create a remedy. No matter how difficult it would be to achieve, I would work hard to achieve it.”

With his positive attitude he is very hopeful of an enjoyable and happy journey of life.


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