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Does your rooms always feel congested? Are you tired of wondering why your home looks cramped even after constant de-cluttering? Searching for possibilities how to expand your rooms space? Then it is time to incorporate these smart home design tricks make congested rooms look spacious. Awed? For this you don’t need to renovate or knock the walls of your rooms!

Whatever your living situation, there are plenty of ways to visually expand the room square’s footage. Let us take a look at these clever tricks and see how they inspire you!


1. Choose the right paint colour

Home design tricks make congested rooms spacious


Light subtle shades make the room feel spacious, lighter, and airy. This is one of the must home design tricks make congested rooms look spacious. Use light colour paint for walls and mix it with its own variation for furnishing and furniture. Try a light cream and icy blue colour scheme to make walls appear larger while adding the warmth to the room at the same time. Use quality paint as low-quality paint tends to have a chalkier look and this will make your room look smaller. Make sure the paint you choose has a little bit of shine in it – enough to reflect the sunlight.


2. Select furniture with legs

Home design tricks make congested rooms spacious

If the floor is visible underneath your furniture, you feel the room is more spacious. So choose furniture with legs rather than bulky items. Always it is wise selecting slimline style furniture for the living room. Don’t squash furniture right up against the wall – giving it some breathing space will make things feel roomier. You can place a medium legs sofa centrally in the room in order to maximize space.


3. Install mirrors ( two/three)


Home design tricks make congested rooms spacious


A mirror is a decorator’s secret designing weapon!. To increase the amount of natural light cast into the room, simply place a mirror opposite or next to a main door. Place a mirror on your largest wall, possibly opposite to the main door to reflect as much light as possible back into the room. Hang a large round retro style mirror in your hallway to draw attention to the walls. You can create a focal point by placing a gorgeously framed mirror above the mantel.


4. Pop up ceiling



A well-designed ceiling can add wow-factor to space. Paint a design on your ceiling to draw your eyes upward. In small rooms, painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls can make the room feel larger. You can fill the vertical horizon hanging long, light coloured curtains. Hang picture frames higher to the ceiling. Vertical framed Pictures or paintings make the walls look taller, so the distance between the ceiling and floor will also seem higher.  

5. Opt floor-to-ceiling curtains


Home design tricks make congested rooms spacious


Go for long, glory curtains rather than blinds or roller shades if you’re designing a small bedroom or living room. To maximize the ceiling height, set up the curtain rod near the ceiling rather than on the top of the window frame. Buy curtains long enough to either just reach the floor or just about two to three inches. Make sure the curtain rod is set up near the ceiling (rather than on top of the window frame) and buy panels long enough to either just reach the floor or that below onto the floor about two or three inches.


6. Hang decor elements


Home design tricks make congested rooms spacious


Introducing decorative accents up near the ceiling might help draw the eye up. An eye-catching light fixture, a hanging plant or a suspended lantern make the ceiling feel higher than it is. This trick works well for small rooms.


7. Choose glass/acrylic pieces 


Home design tricks make congested rooms spacious


Transparent pieces, like clear acrylic chairs or glass coffee may take physical space but their see-through feature don’t demand visual space. Similarly, furniture that’s the same color as the walls make your room looking spacious. This type of furniture prevents the space from feeling clutter with things.