Dos and don’ts to stay fit this summer


Shorten the workout duration so that it doesn’t wear you out.

Reduce on running and cardio…Make it short but high intensity.

Always keep a bottle of water. Drink 2.5 to 3 liters water daily.

Excessive sweating increases the chances of muscle cramps,muscle pull,fatigue and dizzziness. So strech your muscles in between workouts and increase the intake of salts.


Do not expose yourself to the sun for a prolonged period while working out. It can not only cause exhaustion and muscles cramps but even heat strokes.

Avoid wearing synthetic clothing as they don’t absorb or help evaporate sweat. Wear soft cotton clothes.

Never stop abruptly in summer. In summer our heart rate is generally higher than usual and gets even higher during a work out.So stoping abruptly can cause a heart failure. Take at least 10 minutes to cool down.Swim or strech during these 10 minutes.


  • Try to maintain a proper electrolyte balance by either having ORS. A salt and sugar mixture or fruits with high water content like melons or cucumber.
  • Maintain your gut bacteria by increasing curd intake.
  • Try to eat fresh food. Avoid frozen or stale food.
  • Drink lot of water.
  • Wear light coloured cotton and linen clothes.


  • Avoid going out in the sun without protection like a cap or an umbrella.
  • Try not to gorge on non veg food.
  • Street food is strict no – no.
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Don’t wear dark coloured clothes.