Life is to live. If you want to live it in full you can find your ways to do so. Even if you are facing hardships in life it is of no use to complain because time spent on complaining can be used to live spiritedly.

Justin Vijay Jesudas is living his life on the same principle. Despite being paralyzed neck down he lives his life in full and enjoys every moment of it.

He was leading a life like any other youth of his age when in  2009 he met with an accident which left him paralyzed. Except his shoulder and elbow he can not move any other body part below his neck neither he has any sensation in any of them.

But instead of thinking ‘Why me’ he focused his attention on ‘What next’. He accepted his condition gracefully.

Soon after recuperating he resumed his work.

He is the deputy general manager in Cognizant Technology Solutions.

To achieve independence he began practising to be able to sit for long hours and moving from his bed to the wheelchair and then to the car on his own.

He also tried to pursue his interests he had before his accident like playing basketball. Soon he realized that his stamina had gone down. Now he was not even able to play wheelchair basketball. So he decided to turn to swimming. You Tube was his coach. After one years training he decided to get into competitive swimming.

He has won 14 Gold Medals in swimming.

3 golds in Canam championships, Toronto, Canada 2015 March.
4 golds in 15th national championship, Belgaum.
3 golds in 14th national championship, indore.
4 Golds in state championship, Chennai 2014. 

In 4th National Paralympic Swimming Championship held in Indore. Justin clocked in 1.22 minutes in the 50m backstroke 


He says “The medals mean a lot to me. But if I am able to get people with paralysis out of their homes and begin a new life, that would mean a lot more.”

He was ranked in the top 20 in the world. He is the only severely disabled swimmer from India to ever qualify for the world championship (Last year Glasgow UK.)

He is recipient of Ability Award.

He follows a very tight daily schedule. Daily swimming practice, weight training through the week apart from his office work.

Justin loves to spent time with family and friends. Though most of the places are not wheelchair friendly he enjoys to go out for movies and restaurants. He wishes that these places should be friendly for disabled person.

He is a real fighter despite his all problems he still tries to do positive work and live life as normal as he can.

He says ” Everyone tries to walk, but I know that I can’t. So, I continue doing what I used to instead of trying what I can’t. I see many able people who find excuses not to do things. What I do is find reasons to do things, Life can be beautiful even after paralysis.”

With his example Justin is showing a perfect way to lead life. ‘Don’t complain just accept it and move on.’