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Prakash M Nadar is 90% disabled but even this couldn’t stop him to do good. He has donated blood for  77 times to save many lives.

Prakash belongs to Mumbai.

He was born in a middle-class family and struck by polio at an early age,  Prakash  overcame all hurdles to attend a special school Society for Education for the Crippled in Agripada, South Mumbai.

When Prakah’s father died for want of blood, donating blood became mission of his life.

He did not let his disabilities come in his way and decided to help those in need of blood with the support of the Federation of Indian Blood Donors  Organisations (FIBDO).  He joined an NGO to spread awareness on importance of donating blood. Prakash organised blood donation camps and took the lead by donating blood every three months as stipulated under the law.

Besides he has also donated seven times to people in dire need of blood and to blood banks, set up an NGO Pehchan Charitable Trust and inspired a team of 38 physically-challenged volunteers to assist him in the blood donation cause.

Prakash has been regularly donating blood for the past 22 years.

Now Prakash wants to donate blood in each state so that people become aware of the importance of blood donation.  Prakash is a para athlete. He completed a 42-km long swimathon from Gateway of India to Raigad and back on International Women’s Day (2013). He has won 81 gold, 29 silver and 27 bronze medals at various sporting meets across India.

Prakash’s message to the society is ” If a person like me who is 90 percent disabled can donate blood, why can’t all healthy people of India do…It can save many precious lives.”


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