“As a senior citizen I try to give back to society whatever I can.” says Ramniwas Jhawar. He is a social worker, educational reformer and philanthropist.
He decided that when his sons will get settled he will dedicate himself for the social causes. He kept his promise. After completing his personal responsibilities he engaged himself in doing social work. He worked as a class contractor in Government and public sector mostly. Education was one field where he had very strong academic base. It was the field where a lot of work was need to be done.
Education had become very expensive and was beyond the reach of many people. It was the most needed service to society.

He started Coaching classes free of cost for students aspiring for IIT entrance examination with few colleagues at Manav Rachana Sansthan. Private coaching centers were charging very high fees. Students from lower section of society were unable to pay such high fees. So for their benefit he started this coaching class.
His another venture is Aarya kanya Sadan. This is situated in  sector 15 Faridabad. It is giving education to destitute girls up to class 10th. Here about 10-15 girls are getting coaching. He taught for 3 to 4 years in Jajru village situated about 4-5 km from Ballabgar. Also  taught in Nalanda secondary school at sec 7A Faridabad for 2 to 3 years. In  Dayanand Gurukul Gadpuri district Palwal he worked as director for three years.
Working at St. Anthony secondary school for last 5-6 years giving free coaching to poor students.
He was born in Sujangarh District Churu Rajasthan. He did Btech (Hons) in 1963.
He also started two old age homes one in 2000 and another in 2007.
He also helped in  establishment of buildings and social activities to Maheshwari Mandal Faridabad and had put up 12 eye camps with aid of Doctors of AIIMS benefitting 4000 people. Other camps which he organised as a co ordinator are of polio, acupressure magnetic therapy etc. For three months in summer he provides facility of cold drinking water in  3 stations and two bus Shelters.
He along with his associates is engaged in Adivasi areas of Bundelkhand. Under society act they have registered NGO by the name of Vivekanand society. They collect clothes, woollen garments and footwear from different sources in Faridabad and sent these items to be distributed. The l members of the society go to distribute them in 8-10 villages personally. Society has started a center for sewing and a medical center also. The society has applied under car funding for grant of 60 lacs for medical services in 15 villages around that area. Results appear to be in their favour as per financial consultant who has processed the case.

With his example he is showing right way to live.