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You just turn the shower on to wash yourself. But not a single drop comes out. You try again but nothing happened. Frustrated you come out and to refresh yourself go to kitchen to brew some tea. Lifting the tea pot you turn the kitchen tap to fill the pot. Again what you get is disappointment. In a frenzy you tried every tap of your house but all were running dry. Now you have to spent the whole day without a single drop of water.

Just imagine this nightmare comes true. This is really scary. I have written these lines just to give an idea how the life will be without water.

I can write those lines which you usually hear in social advertisements on TV and Radio or read in newspapers and magazine. But you may find it repetition of those lines. So I decided to put you in a hypothetical situation to make my point how badly we need to reserve water.

Some of you may find it exaggeration of situation but trust me it can happen in near future if we don’t stop waisting water.

In the end I want to request.

“Please Save Water”