I just walked in front of the mirror! Fresh and brilliantly clean. A good shower has its own impact, it sure cleans up your body and refreshes you mind too. Cleaning makes you pure, clean and fresh, clean and happy, clean and clean and clean! Hello? Why am I stressing on this simple five letter word? C for C-L-E-A-N… okay! Let me come to the point, all I want to bring up is quiet a simple and forgotten… nah it’s actually the most neglected issue. Calling it forgotten would be wrong because we can see the ill effects everywhere…. I am talking about SANITATION!

So let me start this with a simple question. What do you do when you walk past a dump yard? Don’t strain your brain, the answer is simple, we immediately clip our nose with our fingers. Right? Or do you have another way of dealing with the heavenly aroma? While we boast about the technical development, things like basic health issues are ruthlessly ignored. But don’t you think that these small things curb our overall development?

Cleaning yourself

Sanitation directly affects health. What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about sanitation? Oh.., yeah the dirty slums! Nope not just the slums, but let me give you my example. I live in a reasonably posh locality, it is green and tidy for an outsider. One day I wanted to spend some alone time, so I decided to sit in my balcony which opens up to a calm road with trees paving the path, I was lost deep in my thoughts, but had to come back as the tup tup, tush tush sounds compelled me to!  I look down to find household wastes wrapped in plastic just outside the compound wall. Just a wall makes the difference! Glass houses and careless wastes! So tell me, do you still blame the slums for everything?


After dump yards, let me talk about public toilets! Yuck… I am sure that even the little cockroaches living there find it difficult to survive the stink! And think about women, they suffer the most because of the hazards of lack of proper sanitation. If we look into the statistics, about half of our population doesn’t use toilets because sanitation is inaccessible or they aren’t affordable. What acts as an icing is our dense population. Oh yes I just forgot to add this, a survey reveals that we have more cell phones than toilets! Irony!

Now enough of my bashan, all I want to say is that it’s our duty to work for a better home, locality, and a better society, stop complaining and start working! We have to start working from the grass root level, start from home, start from separating dry wastes and wet wastes. This is the least we can do.

I don’t complain that the government does nothing about it! We already know that, so come on try doing it yourself. I don’t believe in sitting in cozy rooms, delivering speeches, clapping for some documentary… nah use the same time for action and that helps better. And with my article, I want it to be the seed, to be nourished by action! Small but steady action.