I just woke up with a text message from a close friend of mine who told me that she just joined a popular engineering college in the city. While typing the regular congrats message to her, it realized that it was the time of the year again when young students flock like goats to join the many engineering colleges that have been mushrooming everywhere these days. But the question remains, is ENGINEERING the right choice? Most of the parents still believe that engineering is the door for success and next comes being a doctor. I am an engineer myself but what I do for living is something completely different and there are scores of other people who have been choosing a profession that is way too different from the degree they hold!choosewiselyHowever, there are still the bugging lines like “engineering karlo achi job lag jayegi”, “log kya kahenge”, have been working as societal statements pushing more and more young kids to become professional bakras. What adds to the situation is the lack of awareness to different fields into which one can get into and even the fear of exploring new things adds to it. It is high time that youngsters wake up and choose what they can do best. There are things other than the tried and tested degrees to choose from.