Hey sorry!! My battery is low and I have to charge it and will text you in 20 or 30 minutes. This is a frequently asked excuse among most of the friends. To overcome this problem, almost all the youngsters invest money in a smartphone with good quality battery. But, it is not a solution to retain battery charging for a required time.


The manufacturer of any mobile brand strives to design the battery more durable and quickly chargeable with the long life. It is an effort from the manufacturer side to beat the competition. But, this might be a fruitless effort unless the buyer of the mobile follows some necessary actions against the mobile battery charging draining from. Android phones offer many exciting features like GPS, WiFi, and countless apps. Unfortunately, these features toll on your device’s battery power and cause it to drain quickly.

Fortunately, there are simple techniques you can follow to extend your’s battery charging.


Brilliant Ways to Save Mobile’s Battery Charging


#1. See what’s Sucking the Battery Power


Navigate to Settings > Battery to check what’s consuming your phone’s battery. There Applications and Features will be displayed in the battery hogs. Now if you see any app you barely use or a feature you never use, you’ll need to uninstall the app or turn off the feature.


Battery- charging-extension


#2. Turn off wifi, GPS, and Bluetooth if not using


All of these use battery power, even not using them. For example, the wireless network transmitters will continue to search for a wireless connection as long as it is turned on. This consumes battery charging, even you are not browsing the internet.

  • To turn these features off, swipe downward from the top of your menu, and deselect the items you want to disable.




#3. Reduce the brightness of your screen


Go to Settings > “Sound & Display”. Tap on “Brightness” and move the slider Left to reduce the brightness.

Reducing the brightness will make the screen harder to see. And, if you are using power saving mode, your mobile’s screen brightness may already be reduced.




#4. Set your screen timeout to the shortest length


This setting alerts your mobile to turn off the screen after the selected period of inactivity. The shorter the time, the lesser your phone use the battery charging. This setting option varies from phone to phone. But in general, it is seen in the settings menu.

  • Go to Settings > Display > Sleep and select the shortest time length possible




#5. When you are not using the mobile, put it on standby mode.


  • Simply press the “Power Button” and display will be darkened. To do so, simply hold the power button again. You may have to unlock the phone when it wakes up.


These are the handy tricks that will work well in saving battery charging from the quick draining.


Apart from the above tricks, below listed tactics also work better for saving the battery life.


  1. Turn off the mobile vibration mode.
  2. Uninstall any apps you are not using.
  3. Try to use the 2G network (if you don’t need the speed net).
  4. Consider disabling the animation features.
  5. If your screen has AMOLED display, use a black background.
  6. Reduce Facebook, Twitter, and Email polling.
  7. Turn off unnecessary radios.
  8. Use the extra power saving mode (if available).
  9. Stop apps running in the background (If not using).
  10. Update apps.
  11. Keep an eye on the signal strength (poor signals consume more power).

Mobile Battery Charging can be prolonged wisely and smartly with the above handy and proven techniques!!