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Beyond all limits


There are some people who cross all limits. They defeat all challenges with their determination. Adil Ansari is person whose achievements can make anyone surprised. He lives in Bhivandi Maharashtra. Despite being 90% paralyzed he won two gold medals in 14th National Paralympics Swimming Championship in men’s freestyle backstroke category. He has Limca world record for driving his modified car for 6000 km. in eight days and covering a distance of 300 km. on his modified Honda Activa two Wheeler.

He was passionate about swimming since childhood. On 16 May 2006 he took a plunge in the river to swim but unfortunately his backbone hit a rock and was badly damaged. He became paralyzed. But he had such a solid determination to start his life again that nothing could stop him. Once he saw some videos on internet where people like him were swimming. He decided to learn swimming again. When he was selected for National championship he asked permission of Bhivandi’s municipal corporation to allow him to use their swimming pool for practice. He was denied on the ground that they can’t take risk. If something happened to him who will take responsibility. Even this couldn’t deter him from his decision. He used to drive his car from Bhivandi to Dharavi to do practice daily.


Under the banner of ‘Beyond barriers incredible India he took challenge to drive his modified car for 6000 km. in eight days. His family was worried. It was not easy. But he did the miracle and got Limca books of record in his name. During his journey he used to take only liquid diet and slept only for 4 to 5 hours.

Adil also works for the rights of disable persons. He wants that society must change its outlook for persons with disability.


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