Everything good and magical in a sunny day, if it is planned with some precautions!!



In summer, we have to face the heat waves and we can’t control the temperature outside, but we can make some changes to stay safe and healthy. Summer is the season where we can attacked frequently from sunstroke, dehydration, getting fainted, feeling fatigued, loose motions, nausea, vomiting, prickly heat boils,  low blood pressure (hypotension), and headache.





To beat the heat in summer, here is the list of some essential precautions:


Hydrate Frequently


  • Drink pure and plenty of water even you don’t feel thirsty. Check the color of urine – if it is pale, indicating you are drinking adequate.
  • If you’re are on fluids restriction, check how much you can drink.
  • Limit hot and sugary drinks including tea and coffee.
  • Refrain from the alcoholic beverages.
  • Carry a bottle water if stepping out.
  • Stock your refrigerator with cold juices, water and ice.
  • Drink blends of mineral rich fruits like lemon, watermelon, and kiwi etc.


Plenty of fruits


  • A wise way to beat the heat in summer is including fruits preferably instant energy yielding fruits in your diet menu.
  • Drink fruit juice at regular intervels to retain the energy, vitamins, and minerals.


Keep your body cool (must do to beat the heat in summer)


  • In day time, close windows, and shut down curtains and blinds.
  • Open windows at night to let in cool air.
  • Switch on air-conditioner if you have.
  • Spend time an cool place like in the garden.
  • Relax in the cool room in your house (probably in the ground floor south side).
  • Use your stove and electrical appliances as little as possible.


Keep your food safe


  • Put reminent food items in the refrigerator (between 0 to 5degrees
  • Avoid cooking more.


Eat regularly, but eat light


  • Eat light diet including summer veggies like cucumber, squash, ivy guard, lauki, etc (to fight heat and keep healthy).
  • Avoid heat generating foods like meat and eggs.


Wear loose garments


  • Stick on cotton dresses and avoid dark colors.
  • Wear loose clothes.
  • While heading out, keep yourself covered to avoid the skin tanning.


Have a plan


  • Keep an eye on weather forecast.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions if you have any medical issues.
  • Visit doctor if you feel unwell.
  • Know Fire Service information, in case any bushfire or any fire accidents occur.


Don’t over exert


  • Resort to indoor gym rather than engaging in outdoor exercises.
  • Minimize rigorous workouts ( to keep energy lev stable).


Take care of family and friends


  • Encourage children to drink lot as they won’t do often by themselves.
  • Never leave babies and pets in the car even air- conditioner is on.
  • Try to plan visiting snow world etc with the friends.
  • If elder people are there in your family, help them to sit in cool area and check that they have adequate water.


These are the precautions we have to keep in our sense to spend the summer in the healthy and comfortable way! 


What after heat has passed?


Our body demands some time to adjust to the enviromental changes. Therefore, we Should….


  • Continue to drink plenty of fluids for some days.
  • Consult a physician if you feel unwell after the heat has passed.
  • Make any changes in your home if required so that you can be comfortable during the next time season.