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Be comfortable with yourself

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One who is not comfortable with himself can not be comfortable with anyone. To be accepted by others one should accept himself. Sumit Mehta lives his life on this philosophy. He is suffering from Congenital Mayopathy but never thinks that his disability can stop him to grow. He is an independent IT Software engineer and a trained classical singer.

Sumit enjoyed his childhood like other children of his age. On his tricycle he used to go for outing with his friends. His parents always encouraged him to live life in full. There is one specific incident of his childhood which proved turning point for him. While playing with his cousins once it happened that all of them climbed stairs and went ahead but as Sumit was on his tricycle he could not do so. First time in his life he felt helpless and started to cry. When his mother saw him crying she asked for the reason. When Sumit narrated the whole incident she very affectionately told him “There are many things which you can do but other can’t. So don’t be upset for what you can’t do.” Since then Sumit never felt bad about his disability.

He did regular schooling up to class eight. He was very popular in his school. He did his 10th and 12th from NOS (National open school). His training in classical music was going on simultaneously. During this period he participated in many drawing and singing competitions.

He completed his graduation in music. Music was his love and everyone was suggesting him to make his career in field of music. He was also considering the same but then computer came into his life. His knowledge was not good in computer. But he was curious to learn. The problem was that all institutes giving computer education in his area were on first floor at that time. It was difficult for him to reach there. Even this problem couldn’t dissuade him. He decided to learn computer himself. He collected material and learned major computer languages like C, C++, Java etc. He was so much in love with computer that he decided to make his career in it. For this he needed a degree. So he did BCA and then MCA from IGNOU. After working in many companies he finally decided to work independently.

Like other aspects of life he is also very positive about life partner. He opines that why we should think that no one will accept us. What is wrong in having hope.

Sumit is a person of unbeatable confidence and an inspiration for many.


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