If we are practicing any kind of calisthenics or workout, we are asked to do some warm up exercises prior to that as warming up sufficiently an avoid injury and even let you perform even better. Same goes with yoga.  You need to do a few easy warm up yoga exercises to warm up your body, increase the blood flow in every muscle of your body and prepare it for any vigorous activity. We shall be taking a detailed look at the benefits of warm up yoga exercises later in the article. Let’s take a look at the different warm up exercises that you must practice before performing the main yogasanas. And yes, do not forget the sukshma vyayam.

  1. Circling the waist: stand up straight with your feet joined together. Put both your hands on the lower back. Now rotate or circle your waist in both clockwise and anti clockwise directions for about 30 times each. Make sure you breathe deeply as well as slowly. This will help to warm up and loosen up the lower back muscles.
  2. Upper back twist: after warming up your lower back, you must exercise your upper back too, and loosen up any stiff muscles of this part of the back. For the upper back twist, stand straight and bend only your upper body completely to one side of the body. Do this for 5-10 times. Make sure you do not move your lower body at all. Repeat the same activity on the other side for 5-10 times.
  3. Circling the hips:  again stand straight with your legs separated at some distance. Place both your hands on either side of your hips with a little bending of your knees. Now move your hips in a circular motion in anticlockwise and clockwise direction as well. Again, repeat the process 30 times in each of the directions and remember to breathe slowly and deeply.
  4. Side stretch: stand up straight with your feet together. Either interlock your hands or simply put them together and stretch them towards the sky. Make sure your body is upright, hands and legs straight. Inhale deeply and stretch your arms to one side of the body. Bend your upper body from the waist as much as you can. Repeat the same for the other side as well and do it for a minimum of 20 times.
  5. Forward bend: stand up straight with your feet together and bend your waist forward. Stretch your arms towards the ground and try to touch your toes with your fingers. Then, if you can, touch the ground with the palms of your hand. Make sure you are comfortable while doing this. You do not have to bend your knees or pressurize yourself while performing the forward bend. Repeat it for 20 times at least.

Benefits of yoga warm up exercises:  the key benefits of practicing these yoga warm ups include:

  1. Increase in body temperature, which improves the muscle elasticity and decreases the risk of pulls and strains during yogasanas.
  2. Help in dilating blood vessels, that reduces any stress on the heart and resistance in blood flow.
  3. Helps in preparing you mentally as well, increasing your focus and helping you to review your skills.

Besides sukshma vyayam, you must also practice these simple warm up exercise and make the yogasanas even more effective.