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Basic Yoga Postures (yogasanas)

If you are willing to try and see the much heard benefits of yogasanas, then it is recommended to start with the simple basics. Although, these asanas are very easy to execute, but you still are needed to fully focus and do them with full attention in order to obtain the perks of even these comfortable and effortless yogasanas.

 Sukshma Vyayam (part 1)

Sukshma Vyayam is a series of basic exercises involving the movement of all of the body parts of the toes to head. All of the exercises of sukshma vyayam should be done before starting to do any of the simple or complex yogasana. These are just like warm up exercises that will help to make your joints flexible and also relax your muscles.

Position to be maintained
While doing the sukshma vyayam make sure you are sitting upright, maintaining an angle of 900  between your legs and upper body. Keep your arms on either side of your back so that your back remains straight. Make sure the palms of your hand face downwards.

Sukshma vyayam for leg joints:

  1. Put your legs together and move your toes up and down. Repeat this for 10 times at least.
  2. Repeat the process above for 10 times again, but this time with your feet.
  3. Relax for some time and then rotate both your feet in clockwise as well as anticlockwise direction. You can start with this exercise for 5 times and then gradually increase the rotation for 10 times.
  4. Bend your left leg and keep the foot on your right knee such that the foot remains completely out of the right leg supported on the knee by the ankle. Hold the toes of this foot with your right hand and the ankle with the left one and then rotate the toes both in clockwise and anticlockwise direction for 5 times at least. After this, drag your foot towards the thigh as much as you comfortably can and then by holding the knee of this folded leg, move it up and down, again for 5 times at least. You can also rotate the leg in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction, only if you can do it easily. After completing this, repeat the same procedure with the other leg.
  5. After relaxing for about 10 second again, you can also try butterfly pose. Bend both your legs horizontally and then join together the sole of your feet. Cross the fingers of your hands and hold your feet. Pull them closer to you as much as you comfortably can and then flip your legs up and down at a comfortable speed for 10-15 times. You may feel a little pain in your thighs in the beginning. However, this pain will go away, if you keep on practicing it. This vyayam strengthens the foot muscles and also activates the arches.
  6. Pull your legs straight and join them together. Contract and relax your knees for 10 times at least.

All of these sukshma vyayam for leg joints will also provide strength to the muscles while making the joints flexible.

To be continued….

Author – Garima Goel