Unlike other ordinary calisthenics, yoga is a disciplined set of physical movements and there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed to attain the particular benefits of a yogasana. Always remember that yoga if intensifies a specific body part, it also emphasizes on its relaxation equally. The additional benefit of doing yoga is to eliminate stress from the entire system.

You can attain a state of mental peace and calmness, while making the internal organs of your body function harmoniously. But, as yoga is not a rocket science, you require a lot of patience as well as tremendous practice to see it actually working for you.

Yoga is composed of different kinds of postures or asanas, some of which are very simple while some are more complex. And all of these serve a specific purpose showing their impact on specific parts of the body. If executed properly, each of the yogasana can show good effects, whereas doing it in a wrong way can lead to harmful repercussions. With doing it in a proper way, there are certain rules that must to be followed before, while and after doing yoga to get the desired and efficient results quickly. Take a look.

Rules to follow before starting yoga

  • The first and foremost rule to must follow is that you should be empty stomach while practicing yoga. You should not have consumed anything solid or liquid prior to performing yoga. You must also clear your bowels and bladder as well as your throat and nostrils of any mucus before starting yoga.
  • Since in the morning you are empty stomach, it is considered as the best time to practice yoga. Moreover, this is the time of the day when the air around is very clear. However, you can also do yogasanas in the evening or daytime, giving a gap of at least 3 to 4 hours after having your meals.
  • You do not have to especially go to the market to buy special yoga pants. However, you should be wearing clothes in which you find yourself to be comfortable (which is the motive of yoga pants).
  • You should never practice yoga on bare ground. A thin yoga mat or a thick sheet should be used for practicing yoga. A yoga mat is an essential prop for performing yogasanas as not only does it offer safety and stability, but also helps you to be more comfortable and stay focused while doing the
  • Any of the yogasana should not be maintained for a very long duration.
  • Women should avoid practicing yoga during pregnancy and even during menstruation.

Rules to follow while practicing yoga

  • You must always start with practicing easy yoga postures or yogasanas and then gradually shift to tough ones, once you master the easy ones.
  • Give at least duration of 10 seconds to relax your body before moving on to the next asana.
  • You must always perform yogasanas with a strong belief and determination to optimize the results.

Rules to follow after practicing yoga

  • After completing yogasanas, you must conclude your practice with a short meditation. Simply sit in a cross legged position with closed eyes and back straight. Spend a minimum of five minutes with just yourself concentrating on the particular body part or system that you want to become healthy and function normally.
  • Make sure you eat after an hour of practicing yoga.
  • Do not take a shower immediately after doing yoga.

These were the rules that should always be followed to get the desired results of yogasanas. Please feel free to share some others that I have missed out in the comments below.