As I shifted sides on my couch on a lazy Saturday afternoon my phones beamed with a message I checked it right away and found that my facebook wall was over loaded with beautiful pictures of food, people and food or just loads of food with beautiful decoration, and there is the checking in frenzy, but of course I would have done the same if only I were not still spending time with myself. Food has become a sort of fashion these days and people do it at least for the social media (but please do not check my face book wall and scorn at all the checking).

I kept scrolling down to find something interest and it was then that I found this:

Well, don’t think that I am here to spread gyan, because I am not a saint of any kind!

This is just a very simple message out there and the effort by the management has impressed me to keep reading but there was nothing else and that hurt my ego. Being the curious cat that I am I just tried to check for the details through the page where it was posted and the only thing I found there was that it was a page that is being operated from Kerala. Well, where else can that be? I am Hyderabadi so my statement is not biased but Kerala is a true God’s own country. The people are way too organized and they are much more concerned about humanity and environment.

I have recently seen a Malayalam film Ustad Hotel which shows a real life story of a person who tries to feed the poor. The video has been added here for your reference:

And now, I would like to ask you help to join me in a very simple cause, share your leftovers! And I know it is not a lot to ask!

Here is simple list of things we could do:

  • Don’t leave your excess food at a restaurant, ask them to pack it and give it to a child you see on the roads.
  • Don’t dump your lunch in the garbage, if you don’t like it give it to a poor person.
  • If you live in a big community, collect at least half a kg of rice and lentils and distribute it to the needy.
  • Donate at least one bottle of cool water every day

As the picture says, they can’t afford it, but you can! And remember that food is the only thing that a person can’t be greedy with, you can’t demand for more even after your  tummy gets full.


Author – Sahithi Srivatchasa