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To ‘alleviate physical pain’.

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A a family bought a property called Peepal Farm near Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh. To make proper use of the property they joined hands with few friends and community members. They decided to accommodate and recover injured stray animals and creatively maladjusted people who want to do good work.  An organic farm was created to provide for the residents of the premises.

In this way an enterprise called ‘Badmash Peepal’ came into existence.

Badmash Peepal is a group of loosely knit people with one goal. Doing and inspiring good work and also attempt to bring about lasting change via awareness, innovation and policy.

The philosophy of the Badmash peepal is that every effort of survival causes suffering to other. Especially any consumption. So they believe in mindful consumption and making our survival purposeful by alleviateing suffering.

They provide a safe haven for injured animals which need space to heal. A safe shelter to animals looking for a new home and permanent residents who are retired from the road. They are given medical care and love. They return this love back ten fold.

Their organic farm feeds their community and recovery animals with healthy organic produce. Some of their food is grown by them which passes straight from farm to kitchen and purchase the bulk of rest locally. They practice natural farming methods. Their latest initiative is to save abandoned cows, especially those who wander

off into farmer fields. Here, the cows are often chased away by people using sticks and sickles even though the legal way of doing so is using water. This is a torture to animal.

They make sweaters for cows out of gunny sacks, on which they spray-print Lord Krishna’s face and write “yeh gai meri hai” (“this cow is mine”) to discourage farmers from inflicting pain on the animals as Lord Krishna is seen as a cow herder.

Their aim is to make people compassionate towards animals. They want them to realise that animals also feel pain, just like we do. They try to involve villagers in helping these animals to make people sympathise with animals.


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