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Ability in Disability



Disable is a word usually used for persons suffering from any type of physical challenge. But facing a physical challenge doesn’t make one Disable. This is proved by Sai Padma with her own example. She has great ability in her so-called ‘Disability.’

She herself is a victim of Polio but she is doing incredible work for rehabilitation and growth of other physically challenged and marginalized people of society. She is a social activist, trained classical singer and a writer.

Sai uses her ability to sing to raise fund for her social causes. A compilation of her poem is published with the name ‘Life.’

Her articles on ‘Disability in India’ have been published on various online magazines and Journals.

Sai is running a NGO called ‘Global Aid.’ This NGO was established by her along with her husband and friends in 2007. This NGO is working with the intention to provide better life to physically and mentally challenged persons. They provide Wheelchairs and other mobility equipments to needy persons.

Under their Accessibility Project they work towards making the public places more friendly for wheelchair users and elderly persons.

Apart from this this NGO provides employment opportunities and medical care to these people.

She was born to doctor parents.  When she was an infant of one and half months her body got affected with 70% Polio. This was devastating for her parents as she was their first child.

After treatment she gained movement in her hands. But to walk she had to use calipers. She got her primary education from village school. She faced many problems but with her determination and will to learn she defeated all of them. Her grandmother was a great source of strength for her.

Sai did her M.com and Bachelor of law from Andhra Pradesh university. She also did her MBA finance from same university.

Sai completed Intermediate (Now called PE 1) of CA course but could not complete final stage. At the age of 24 she had to undergo for Spinal cord surgery due to a disease called Gross Scoliosis. Due to this surgery she had to go for long rehabilitation and had to bear great pain. That is why she had to drop the idea of completing CA.

During that period her father advised her to work as a volunteer for a trust established by Lion club. Here she tirelessly worked for 14 years in field of  women empowerment, to spread awareness for HIV/ AIDS, to stop child labour. Her work was recognized in India and USA also.

During an Educational project she met Pragnanand. Pragn was so impressed with her that he proposed her for marriage. Now both are an ideal couple for each other.

Sai was interviewed by

Chicago Public Radio USA under Global Activism Series.

Her ideas were welcomed through out USA.

Her message to other physically challenged persons is “Accept yourself as you are. Love yourself. The qualities you have sometimes can not be found in so called able persons.”

Sai is a source of inspiration for many people.


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