Dr. Sunki Kartik is a man of indomitable courage. With his courage and determination he defeated the adverse situation. He is a paraplegics and treats his patients sitting on a wheelchair. But his physical condition couldn’t deter his will to live a meaningful life.
Dr. Sunki was in his third year of MBBS and was leading a life like any other youth. When on 10th December 2011 a road accident disturbed his life. He was declared a paraplegic. Though his doctors assured him that after a surgery he will be able to stand on his feet after three months. He patiently waited for that but nothing happened. During these months the encouragement of his family and friends and his own contemplation he prepared his mind for any situation. Instead of complaining and lamenting he decided to fight. Pushing all the negative thoughts out of his mind he decided to complete his MBBS. He started attending his classes on wheelchair and got his degree.
After his Internship he joined Primary Health Center as Medical officer. Initially patients visiting him were not sure about his ability as doctor. They got surprised to see a doctor on wheelchair. Dr. Sunki tackled the situation in an intelligent way. When someone came to him he used to introduce himself before the person could ask any question. His dedication and hard work gradually cleared all doubts. The result was that he was given ‘Best Doctor Award’ by state Government.
He is now selected for post graduation course in Gandhi Medical College in branch MD Anesthesia.
Dr. Sunki wants to serve humanity through his noble profession like other able bodied doctors.
He is thankful to his family and friends for their unconditional love and support.