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A bakery with difference


The attitude of society for differently able people is pathetic. Most of the people look at them as they are good for nothing. Especially if they are suffering from some Developmental or learning disability. The problem faced by their parents is that after they get adult there is no institution or organization where they get a chance to put their energies to do some creative and productive work.

But there are some people who find a way through this dark situation. Renowned social activist  and general secretary of DORAI Foundation (Development Opportunities Resources Access Insight) Sumitra Prasad was also thinking a way to find a better solution. When her son Srinivas who is suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome came to her with a desire to open a bakery with his friends. She welcomed his idea and helped him and his friends to open a bakery. In this way ‘Sai bakery’ came into existence. It is a unique initiative as it is run and managed by persons facing developmental and learning disabilities. This venture is supported by DORAI which is dedicated for the needs of special persons like them.
In the positive and joyful atmosphere of Sai bakery they all work according to their abilities. They help each other to grow. This give them a feeling that they are productive members of society.
This is a unique initiative giving hope to these persons and their parents.


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